A BNI presentation is an awesome opportunity to create a buzz about your book and gift it to a limited number of people while leaving others wanting it and ordering it.

In this article, I will show you two powerful ways you can use successfully to gift your book.

There is one thing common between both these methods of gifting your book.

In both of these, your primary focus should be generating curiosity before giving your books.

Here’s the first powerful way of gifting your book.

1. Slide in a Surprise

This is a sweet, simple, but very effective manner of gifting that is sure to delight your audience while creating curiosity about your book.

Here’s what to do-

Put one slide in your presentation toward the end announcing that you have a surprise gift for your audience.

However, let them know that you are only carrying limited copies due to limited weight-carrying capacity and can gift it on a first come-first claim basis.

But, also let them know that others need not be disappointed. All those interested in getting a copy but could not get one today can fill out this form, and their copies will be couriered to them. [Make sure to pass around the form].

Also, let them know that they can order it from Amazon.

2. Quizzing & Gifting

The second powerful gifting technique is conducting a small fun quiz and gifting the book to the winners or participants.

Ensure that your quiz is short- no more than 10 questions and relevant to the audience.

Also, make the quiz inclusive to cover a large section of the audience and not limited to just one pocket of the audience.

Quiz people sitting at various locations, from equal gaps between

each person in the room – that will build more curiosity, and everyone will feel involved. Gifting the book to winners will make the book aspirational in a subtle, psychological manner, and more people will want it.

Once you’ve gifted them the book, citing your weight-carrying limitations, you can encourage others to grab their copy from Amazon.

Build interest and add some gravity to your book before starting to hand over books; this will compel others to order your book from Amazon.

Your Signature Move

Also, there is a high possibility that people may ask you to sign the copies you gift them– First, ensure that you address them personally by name.

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Second, make sure to write them a beautiful message that will Impact them forever & leave you imprinted as a brand and a thought leader in their minds. The messages you write should be relevant to the content of your book. For example, if your book is about creating successful e-commerce enterprises, this is what the messages could look like-

1. “To the future e-commerce pioneer, may this book guide you in crafting successful online stores. Happy selling! – [Author’s Name].s”

2. “For an aspiring e-commerce entrepreneur, may this book enrich you with the knowledge to build thriving online businesses. Best wishes, [Author’s Name].”

3. “To my fellow e-commerce enthusiast, may the strategies shared within the pages lead you to new heights of success. Warm regards, [Author’s Name].”

4. “For the dreamer ready to dive into the world of online commerce, may this book be your ultimate roadmap. Happy reading! – [Author’s Name].”

5. “For the entrepreneur seeking to conquer the e-commerce realm, may this book be your trusted companion. Happy selling! – [Author’s Name].”

6. “To the builder of online empires, may this book inspire you to turn your visions into reality. Warmest wishes, [Author’s Name].”

7. “For the one ready to conquer the digital marketplace, may this book be your secret weapon for e-commerce greatness. Best wishes, [Author’s Name].”

This will make the book signing and gifting experience more memorable and meaningful.

Wishing you super success & joyful gifting!