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”New Delhi World Book” Fair 2025 Dates- Venue, Publishers, and Authors’

There is Great News for you
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Throw-back Memories of World Book Fairs
What is Included
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Do you want to create a lot of authority-building social media content for life?
Do You want to magnify the impact of your marketing collaterals?
Do you want your book displayed along with Established Authors?
Do you want your book talked about and discussed comprehensively among intellectuals at World Book Fair?
If your answer to the above questions is an emphatic yes,
There is Great News for You
You can make all the above-given dreams true with us. We will provide you the life-enriching chance to have your book displayed prominently along with the books of that of World Book Fair veterans, make the presence of your book widely felt in the august association of intellectuals and thereby rock in the upcoming World Book Fair.
”Dinesh Verma” – Good thing about book writing is it does not have minimum qualifications or age bar

₹19000 ₹26000
per hour
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Alternatively, You can go with following packages:
Limelight Package


“New Delhi World Book Fair”
Stall launch with book+author photo and video shoot
seminar hall author speech+launch with book+author photo and video shoot
Only book+author photo and video shoot
Author corner – panelist cum book launch with photo and video shoot
Author interviews – complementary to all pendown authors(only nominal editing charges are payable if you need your video/pictures)
Book signing ceremony – with photo and video shoot
Media coverages for your book and you.
For those who cannot be physically present but wants to taste the world book fair influence on their personal brand:
Book photo shoot
Audience feedback videos
Pictures of readers reading book
Your book launch by our special guest
~ It’s Time to Say No to Any Excuse for Your Highest Authority Building Opportunity.
For a Detailed Discussion about Pricing, and What you are looking for at your book launch. WA your 3 preferred timings at 9650278279. Dinesh will Call You Directly and Guide You to the Best Outcome from Your Launch.
Throwback Memories of World Book Fairs
What is Included
Your book will be displayed along with other greats at a place in the world book fair where it is clearly visible to the visitors.
Your book will be the topic in Author’s Corner for the intellectuals to review, make queries, and praise
We will do all the needful to attract more and more readers to your book
We will ensure adequate stock of your books to ensure availability throughout the fair
We will arrange an audience, a cameraman, a professional videographer, and an editor.
The Social Media team will cover every event.
The PR team will cover Online and Print Media for best coverage.
We have a limited number of slots from Govt. of India. All offerings will be on First Come First Serve Basis.
Highest Royalty Sharing Among Industry.

Frequently asked question

Will I get writing support for my book?2023-02-17T12:15:50+05:30

Ans. Yes, we do understand the hectic day-to-day schedule that leaves you with little scope to what you have dreamt so far, i.e., writing a book. We have a well-laid mechanism in place for helping busy people like you.

Can I sponsor your Publication at World Book Fair? If yes, what benefit will I get out of this?2023-02-17T12:15:54+05:30

Ans. We do not have any “sponsored by” scheme. This book fair is by the authors, for the authors. It is not a one-man show. However, you can take the premium package for your book and make your book known to the world.

Where is the book fair being held?2023-02-17T12:15:57+05:30

Ans. The New Delhi World Book Fair is held every year at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. However, last year world book fair could not be held due to the Covid pandemic.

Are you offering World Book Fair Discounts?2023-02-17T12:19:59+05:30

Dear book lover. Your question seems to be incomplete. However, in both cases, i.e., whether you want to purchase Pendown Books or publish a book through us, we are offering mouth-watering discounts in this year’s World Book Fair

I want to write book and promote it internationally. How can I?2023-02-17T12:17:57+05:30

Pendown Press is among those rare Self-publishing companies that help its authors spread their footprints internationally. We have sure-fire ways and comprehensive strategies that will help you optimally to promote your book beyond India

What is the difference between book publisher and book writing coach?2023-02-17T12:15:05+05:30

There are a number of differences between these two. If you want to publish your book under the able and effective guidance of renowned book publishing coach Dinesh Verma, you are most welcome to our office. There you will be briefed about the differences in detail

I am an SME. I want to share my experience through book. But, I am not a person of words. Will u add language to my facts?2023-02-17T12:15:11+05:30

We welcome your decision. That you are not a person of words, will not disqualify you to write the book. We will guide you on each and every step of your book-writing process

I want to take author-signed book from your stall. Will u please help me in this regard?2023-02-17T12:15:15+05:30

Of course. Our stall is at Gate No. 05, stall no. 341-346. You just need to pay a visit to our stall and get an update on our next release where the author is available and his or her signed books are being given to the book lover. Your presence will be like our present

When and where is the New Delhi World Book Fair 2023 taking place?2023-02-17T12:15:20+05:30

The New Delhi World Book Fair 2023 is scheduled to take place in New Delhi, India, from February 25th to 5th March 2023

I want to take part in seminar hall book release. Is there any book of yours in World Book Fair this yeas to be released there?2023-02-17T12:15:26+05:30

Yes, of course. You just need to pay a visit to our stall located at Gate No. 05, stall no. 346-351. There, you will get information related to your question

Book release at Author Corner of a publisher happens to be prestigious. Will your books also get released through this place?2023-02-17T12:15:31+05:30

Yes, we are among few self-publishing companies that are privileged to publish their books through the prestigious Author Corner

What kind of activities you will organise in World Book Fair this year?2023-02-17T12:15:37+05:30

There are lot many activities—Right from the ribbon-cutting ceremony to book release in the auditorium, and author corner, we have everything in place this year. There are some exciting events as well. But, for this, you will have to witness this event by paying a visit to our stall

Why should I visit to Pendown Press Stall in World Book Fair 2023 when there are already so many good publishers?2023-02-17T12:15:42+05:30

Very good question. You will visit for one of the important reasons that we are the only publisher that has the ability to transform your life to 360 degrees and give life-enriching values

What is the New Delhi World Book Fair 2023?2023-02-17T12:15:46+05:30

New Delhi World Book Fair 2023 is a mega event for book lovers as well as publishers. The publishers from India and abroad will participate in the fair and provide a great experience to the book lovers

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