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The significance of translation in our everyday activities has broader implications than we realize.

We can always feel more connected and understanding in our native language. So, Dinesh Verma, CEO of Pendown, always says authors to write in the language they feel comfortable with so that they can very well put their ideas, tips, tricks, or other valuable insights in their book, which is later can be used to translate in any language which your regional clients, prospects, or readers understand.

“jo jiska kam hai use wo karne de, aur jo time bachta hai use pane business ko grow kaise kare usme lagaye”

Let’s take a case study of a big brand Duraply, CEO, Akhilesh Chitlanga….he wrote his first book in Hindi which was later translated into Hindi and Bengali, and now other language translation is in process. He is tapping dealers of plywood across India with local language-translated books. He has already printed 30000+ books.

Our timeless epic Ramayana has been written in several languages. The Bible has been translated into approximately 531 languages. Nowadays, you can see so many hit films of the South with Hindi or other regional subtitles on the screen. Likewise, columnists of repute write one column in a national newspaper and its translation gets published in several local languages. Simply put, if there were to exist a  language barrier, we would all be starved for information, entertainment, and connection.

As a reputed publisher, we get truckloads of content in English and Hindi. We have been receiving requests for starting translation services from our guests, authors who are business owners, consultants, professionals, and manufacturers almost on a daily basis.

We too feel that the great messages concealed in one language must reach millions breaking the language barriers. Therefore, we have decided to overcome these barriers of language to serve society as well as our authors better by setting up dedicated translation services.

"Some content tends to be so irresistible that the need of publishing in several other languages is felt badly." and Business Content must be translated into every language your client segments read.

~ Dinesh Verma ~

We Offer The Following Types Of Book Translation Services:

With more than 15 years of experience, we have translated hundreds of books and content from different business domains and publication areas for many popular authors, writers, and other clients.  These are a few of our core specialties in translation–

  1. Non-Fiction Books
  • Research Books
  • Technical Books
  • Business Books
  • Memoirs
  • Textbooks
  • Travel & Lifestyle Books
  • Educational Books
  • Self-Help Books
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Cookbooks
  • Art Books
  • Spirituality Books
  1. Fiction Books
  • Drama Books
  • Romance Books
  • Adventure Books
  • Action Books
  • Literary Books
  • Mystery Books
  • Fantasy Books

Note: Please know that the above list is not exhaustive. It includes, but is not limited to the translation services that we provide.

The Team Behind This Endeavor

Our successful translation services are backed by a large network of translators who understand not just the subtle nuances of the language but are also well-versed in retaining the cultural sensitivity, tone, and meaning of the text while translating specific types of books. Their excellent skills, sense, and sensitivity ensure that NOTHING IS LOST IN TRANSLATION.

So, reach out to us with your translating requirements.

Going Global

We Offer Book Translation Services not just in our regional languages but for the following languages too:

  • German Books
  • Italian Books
  • French Books
  • Japanese Books
  • Spanish Books
  • Arabic Books
  • Chinese Books
  • Russian Books
  • And more..
per hour
Alternatively, You can go with following packages:

Why Should You Choose Us?

Though there is no dearth of companies that provide translation services, but there are several things that give us an edge over the ordinary ones. This is what differentiates us from the rest:

Native Translators: Unlike other companies, we do not just dump the responsibility of translation on the language editors. Instead, we have a constellation of native translators, with a great understanding of the nuances and dialect differences. They are experts in the field, highly knowledgeable, and equipped to carry out the translation work and retain the meaning and message of the original text.

Last, but not least, we are the most sought-after publisher for business books. We have a deep understanding about content writing and translation when it comes to business books, which is not available easily. So, people refer us saying if you are a business owner, manufacturer, consultant, or professional then pendown press translation services would be the best option for you.

Quality Guaranteed: Quality is something we strictly adhere to. We have a well-laid mechanism in place to ensure top-notch quality to our clients. We go through systematic proofreading and copy editing, under the able and effective supervision of our specialized translation experts.

Capability to Cope with a Heavy Workload: As we have a large number of well-qualified and richly experienced translators, we are capable of coping with heavy workloads. We can meet deadlines and that too without compromising the quality of our work.

Our system to is strong enough to ensure that our clients get beyond what they expect even in their most optimistic expectations.

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