Stories are meant to be shared, and to share yours, you need a trusted publishing partner. With the right publisher, your books find their audience, ensuring your stories are heard loud and clear. Moreover, it helps you earn monetary value for your hard work. So publishing helps your unique voice & ideas flow smoothly in the reader’s world. It’s your gateway to success as a writer, where you can leave a lasting legacy. It’s an opportunity to make an impact on society and get validation of your creativity. Read this blog till the end to know how to Publish your Book with India’s No. 1 Publishing Platform.


About Pendown Press

Pendown Press is the leading book publishing platform based in Delhi. Over the years, the company has earned recognition as India’s most trusted self-publishing company. From aspiring authors to entrepreneurs and professionals, Pendown is everyone’s first choice because of its unparalleled support in self-book publishing in India. Mr Dinesh Verma is a renowned book publishing coach, author, personal brand strategist and the Man who started this company to help writers and professionals publish their books. Pendown Press coordinates with hundreds of authors and entrepreneurs, helping them publish & market their books and become authorities in their field. The team at Pendown Press thinks strategically and maps out the proper launching and marketing plan for books, making the book publishing journey hassle-free and easy.

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Why Choose Pendown Press?

Now, why should you choose Pendown Press? Here are the reasons:

  1. Pendown Press has years of experience in the publishing industry. With its strong market presence and service excellence, you can avail a trustworthy partner for all your publishing requirements. It covers various services, helping authors at every stage of the publishing process, such as editing, designing, and marketing assistance.
  2. Pendown Press has a proven track record of success, and it has helped many authors and professionals get recognition and acclaim in their field. By choosing Pendown, you achieve tremendous success through increased visibility in the competitive publishing world.
  3. At Pendown Press, the team is proficient in devising personalized approaches for tremendous success. The team understands your unique requirements and provides you with customized attention and support throughout the publishing phase.
  4. Having a strong industry connection is one of the key things if you want to reach a wider audience and get acclaim successfully. Pendown Press helps you benefit from its vast network of marketing arrangements.
  5. Authors need support at every step of publishing, so Pendown provides a full-fledged and supporting team that assists you with every doubt and problem. Moreover, the team advises you on marketing and design wherever required to improve the publishing.


Publishing Process with Pendown Press

Pendown Press ensures hassle-free, easy, and author-friendly publishing solutions. Pendown’s comprehensive services are designed to suit all kinds of authors and their publishing needs. The Pendown team pays special attention to your books before they hit the market.

Following are the process we follow to publish your books:

Phase 1: Acquisition and Editing

The acquisition is the primary stage, during which we acquire your raw content and edit it properly to smooth the process. Our acquisition team is not limited to editors but comprises people from sales, marketing, and publicity departments. Doing this ensures that people from every department discuss your manuscript and take the work forward with a better strategy.

Phase 2: Design, Typesetting, Printing, and Proofreading

After thoroughly checking, we move forward with the design & setting of your document. We provide various relevant options to choose the best cover page, font, size, and other essential elements necessary for a flawless book. At this stage, we organize your manuscript, add missing components, and give it a natural look. After completing this task, we allow you to check everything. On your final approval, we then move ahead with printing it.

Phase 3: Sales, Marketing, Publicity

Marketing & publicity is an essential part of book publishing. Even the best-written books by famous authors need personalized marketing so readers can know about them. We have a highly specialized marketing team with years of book promotion experience. Our team gives customized attention to your book and devises a plan to promote it through a suitable platform. Our publication support services have a vast network of distributors; we also use that to promote your books by making them available to bookstores across various locations.


Benefits of Publishing with Pendown Press

Choosing the right publishing partner gives you tons of benefits, helping you to begin your journey with proper strategy. Penndown Press guides you through every step of publishing and launching. Let’s explore the key benefits you get with Pendown Press.

Professional Guidance: Our team comprises professionals from all fields, such as editing, designing, sales, and marketing, giving you all-rounded support throughout the publishing process.

Pro Publishing & Global Distribution: We have a vast distribution network in India and globally. So rest assured, your book will get due recognition through various marketing channels.

Quick Turnaround & Rapid Service: Our services are fast, easy and straightforward. You don’t have to wait months to write and publish your books. We complete everything for you in just seven days.

360° Marketing & PR: Marketing is the backbone of any product. Our top-notch marketing efforts allow your book to show on relevant platforms at the right time.

100% Transparency: At Pendown Press, we believe in complete customer satisfaction. All our services come with full transparency; there are no hidden costs.


How to Get Started

Are you ready to convert your manuscript into a polished masterpiece? Connect with us and share your ideas and requirements; we will convert them into reality. Let your Pendown Coach assist you in choosing the best customized package for you and guide you through the entire process. Just fill in the short and simple form below, and our coach will connect with you promptly.



How can I submit my manuscript to Pendown Press?

To submit your manuscript, contact us at 8130886000. Our expert will guide you through the process from beginning to end and assist you with any further queries.

What genres does Pendown Press publish?

Pendown Press covers various genres and caters to business owners, professionals, and other audiences. Our catalog includes fiction and non-fiction academic work, self-help books, businesses, entrepreneurship, leadership, and others.

What is the typical timeline for the publishing process with Pendown Press?

The publishing process can vary depending on the complexity of your manuscript. However, we will launch your bestseller book in 21 days or less. You can connect with us through the numbers provided to learn more about it, and we’ll provide detailed information about it.

Does Pendown Press offer any marketing or promotional services for authors?

Pendown Press markets and promotes your books through various platforms. We have a wide network of distributors across the globe. We publish your books and assist you in marketing by making customized strategies for better reach.

Can I track the progress of my manuscript once it’s submitted?

Yes, we have a dedicated team with whom you can connect anytime to get updates on your manuscript progress.

Does Pendown Press accept submissions from new or unpublished authors?

Yes, we believe in providing equal opportunities to all. That is why we accept submissions from new or unpublished authors. We help new talents harness their skills to acquire a space in this competitive world.

What sets Pendown Press apart from other publishing platforms?

These four pillars set us apart from other publishing platforms: Global Distribution Network, Quick Turnaround Time, 360° Marketing & PR, and 100% Transparency. We believe in complete customer satisfaction, which has helped us win customers’ trust.

Does Pendown Press offer any editorial or manuscript evaluation services?

We have a dedicated team of experts who bring quality and clarity to your manuscript, making it easy for readers to understand. Our services also include editorial and evaluation solutions.

How can I contact the team at Pendown Press for further queries?

You can connect with us at 8130886000; one of our experts will respond to all your queries and guide you through the entire process.