1. Your credibility enhances with Your book foreword.The foreword writer mentions how she/he knows you. The writer’s expertise and recommendation of your book, adds credibility of your book. In this way, your book foreword proves, apart from adding the credibility quotient of your book, helps your book a definitive edge over the books written on the same topic.
  2. A foreword rightly created can motivate readers to read the book:The foreword writer discusses as to what problems your book solve, how you helped him or her, how you’ve helped other people, and the benefits and results readers may gain from reading your book. All these work as testament and augur well for the marketability of your book.
  3. Increases the Buyers or Readers.It’s true. If the foreword writer is a celebrity, his/her endorsement can skyrocket the sale of your book. That your book has a foreword writer who is a celebrity/exponent in his or her field/ widely accepted and respected, is enough to make your book a great success.

All these work for the greater marketability of your book, besides making your book a

So, whom should you ask to write a foreword?

  • A household name:  A household name is always a first choice as it can draw readership, as long as the link is clear. Either the person should be an expert in the field that the book covers, or the person should be someone that your core readers tend to highly respect or wish to emulate. For instance, Deepak Chopra might be a powerful choice for any kind of self-help book, even if his expertise is not the particular area you are writing about.
  • An influencer: If I am a reader of your book, you should have foreword from a person who influences me. If influencer is not in your circle, or, you cannot get him or her on board, for any cogent reason, your second choice could be an authority(big name, famous person, well-known) from your  industry/ the topic, subject of your book.

Other possibilities for a foreword writer could be:

  • A person with large popularity among your readers, even if the writer is not that known to the people of other domains
  • A person with impeccable credentials, such as last word to the subject/topic of your book. In order to fully utilize the writer’s towering image, do include all his/her career highlights—designation, awards, books, NGO associated or running.

How to make the foreword writer write exactly what you want?

After getting the approval from the writer, all that you need to do is to send a checklist in the name of writing template, requesting the writer to comply with the template.

This template will contain:

  • His/her first interaction with you
  • The USP of your book in his perspective
  • Story-sharing of a client whom you helped on the foreword writer’s recommendation
  • Your particular credentials and skills that have caught the eyes of the foreword writer

This kind of polite outline will not only serve your purpose, but will also save his or her valuable time.

Many people readily write a foreword as it reinforces the idea that they are an expert in the field and/or writing a foreword provides free publicity to them. Occasionally, some reputed person may ask you for payment in lieu of writing. You may find it improper, but it is not uncommon.

–Dinesh Verma