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What is Self Publishing?2023-02-01T17:37:55+05:30

Self-publishing is getting all the control of your book. Unlike publishing your book through a traditional book publisher, where you are just an actor, you have to dance to the tune of your director(the traditional book publisher), self-publishing gives you a wonderful opportunity to retain all the control of your book publishing process.
Self-publishing is the platform that empowers authors to decide almost everything related to the publishing of their books, from the title of their book to marketing. Self-publishing is evolving into a multi-million-dollar industry.
A Self-publishing author refers to an author who completes the entire publishing process—including printing, editing, proofreading, drafting, cover design, and book marketing—on his own or with his own resources. This is done without the help of a publishing company.

Is ‘self publishing’ really worth it? Does it really work?2023-02-01T17:54:27+05:30

Whether you’re writing a novel, short story collection, or non-fiction book, the self-publishing method gives you maximum creative control and the ability to pocket a larger share of the profits. Here are some advantages of self-publishing to consider when writing your next book:

1. Creative Control: One of the benefits of going the self-publishing route is the ability to retain complete control over your book. The world of traditional publishing is full of gatekeepers who will have opinions on the content, book cover, and even the title of your book. Indie publishing allows you to have complete control over your new books. If you want to hire a certain cover designer or format your book a certain way, you won’t have someone from a traditional publishing house telling you otherwise. For those who want complete autonomy in their writing career, the self-publishing route can be an attractive option.

2. High royalty rates: In a traditional publishing deal, royalty rates usually range high. This means that you could potentially make more money through the traditional publishing process if you had the same number of book sales.

3. Less waiting time: Once you’ve finished the hard work of writing your book, you’ll probably be looking forward to seeing it in bookstores and online. With self-publishing, the amount of time between a completed manuscript and a finished one could be less than a week. It can take less than six hours for your e-book to be uploaded to a digital marketplace, and print-on-demand (POD) services can be available in 24 hours.

4. An opportunity to make a name for yourself: No one becomes a New York Times bestselling author overnight. The bottom line is that if you’re a first-time author, you’ll have a hard time getting the attention of the publishing industry anyway. Listing your book as a self-publisher can help you attract a fan base and build an email list, while also proving to potential publishers that you know how to write a book. Many successful authors got their start in self-publishing, and building an underground hit on your own could attract the attention of traditional book publishers in the future.
In this way, we can say with absolute certainty that ‘self-publishing’ is really worth it and it does really work

I have SME. How can your publishing house help me?2023-02-01T17:56:14+05:30

It goes without saying that SMEs(Small and Medium Enterprises) are the most important part of an economy. These are the maximum in numbers, like the middle class. So, their impact is obviously enormous.
However, all these encounter one common problem: constant refusal of the products that they sell or the services that they provide. And the bottom line is: they lack authority. The bigwigs of industry do not entertain them, because there is no Credibility Quotient associated with them. And books can provide that Credibility; books can fill those gaps.
And once they attain Credibility, Trust and get Authority, they can benefit immensely. So, in this way, book can be of immense help and benefit to SMEs.

I am influencer. What kinds of benefits will book bring to me?2023-02-02T12:21:47+05:30

In fact, books can bring more benefits to the people of your profession. Since you live in the world of Content, influence a large number of people, and use subtle ways to make them buy a particular product or avail of a particular service, a book on your side more glory to your world. You will not have to make them believe who you are. A beautifully-crafted book, created with the latest technology will do the job. Your book will turbocharge your audience and make them perceive you as larger than life personality.

I am a coach. What kinds of benefits will I get after I publish book from Pendown?2023-02-02T12:37:02+05:30

Coach and Books can benefit each other. Books can prove to be of great help to save the repetitive works of a coach and coach too, through books create wonders. Suppose, you are a business coach. You coach your businesspersons on how to maximise your earning potential through the investment of a small amount of time.
What do you think? Will it not interest one and all? Who does not want to maximise their earning potential? No serious individual will deny your coaching. With the help of a book that is beautifully crafted and made scientifically, will surely help you make your presence felt far and wide and that too with minimal investment of your time and money.

I am a manufacturer. Why should write a book?2023-02-02T12:36:39+05:30

Manufacturers like you tend to face one common challenge: how can I myself say that my products are the best? I cannot say, and the problem is neither I say, nor I can make others say that my products are the best for these reasons. My products have these USPs and hence serve these purposes, prove to be of immense help and benefit for those who…Our products are particular for those who… In India, we are the first to have these features. You can add a number of things in this column.
Now the Solution Side: Just make your representative in the form of beautifully-crafted books having all the ingredients of a good book and let the book speak your plus points, your USPs, the things that are rare to your products, the WHY of your products.

Yes, books can establish you as an authority in the market.

I am CEO of my company. What is for me in your publishing house?2023-09-20T15:03:19+05:30

CEOs like you, tend to face a number of hurdles and challenges like your employees do not understand your style of functioning, your mission and vision, your products do not reach the places you wish to, your services are still not able to make their presence felt to the masses, office expansion has become a long-cherished dream, the bigwigs of the industry do not listen to you. You can add a number of things to this category.

Self publishing looks great. But have there been any famous authors who made it big through self-publishing?2023-02-02T12:35:52+05:30

Following is a list of some of the famous international authors who started out with self-publishing:
o Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad)
o Mark Twain (The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn)
o E L James (50 Shades of Grey)
o Margaret Atwood (Double Persephone)
o John Grisham (A Time to Kill)
o Charles Dickens (A Christmas Carol)
o Walt Whitman (Leaves of Grass)

Nearer home, here is a list of some of the famous Indian authors who self-published:
o Ashwin Sanghi (The Rozabal Line)
o Amish Tripathi (The Immortals of Meluha)
o Adithya Iyer (The Great Indian Obsession)
o Inderjit Kaur (Kaleidoscope)

Publishing is good, but how about selling the book?2023-02-02T12:35:28+05:30

Our services are not limited to publishing books themselves. Rather, we extend all types of marketing assistance that in turn prove to be of amazing help and benefit to our publishers. A number of authors of Pendown Press have bagged Amazon Best Seller tag and the number keeps on going. Moreover, there are many authors whose books have been selected for several international book fairs and have been recognised globally. They have been able to market their books effectively, sell well, and make their presence felt globally.

How do I get started?2023-02-02T12:35:05+05:30

Ours has a well—laid mechanism to do the work of authors efficiently and effectively. As soon as you sign the publishing contract with us, your work gets initiated. There are a series of works that we showcase to you, and give you the choice to choose from. We do have tailor-made service in place. You can avail of all of these and come on board with a broad smile on your face and great expectations in your heart.

What all guidance can I expect once I get started with your Publishing House?2023-02-02T12:40:29+05:30

We have an exquisite way of providing services to our authors. We provide a miniature picture of all that we can do for them and also suggest what will suit them best given their specific needs and requirements. Right from Ideation to getting Internationally-acclaimed, we provide each and everything to our authors. Our CMD and book publishing coach Mr Dinesh Verma gets actively involved in the book-making process, makes you delve into that, and helps you come out with Pearls in Publishing

How do you ensure transparency in terms of sales / royalty?2023-02-02T12:41:43+05:30

We do not ensure transparency. Rather, it is the core of our way of doing work. Our style of functioning is such that it permeates transparency in each and every level of our work. Rest assured, you will not be left with any query in terms of royalty/sales. Your satisfaction is our motto

When is the Author’s royalty paid out?2023-02-02T12:42:42+05:30

Before you sign a contract with us, you will be provided with all the information about your royalty paid-out timing along with the percentage. Ours have very author-friendly royalty pay.

Who decides the MRP of the book?2023-02-02T12:45:08+05:30

With the consultation of the concerned author, the MRP of a book is decided. We give a number of reasons why the MRP of the concerned book should be that much only, or below than or higher than a though-out price

I am willing to write a book. But, I do not know how to write properly. Can I still write a book?2023-02-02T12:46:29+05:30

Yes, for sure. The only thing that we need is to let us know about the outline of your thought on which you want to develop a book. Rest, you can leave it to us. We have the ability and expertise to make a mountain out of minimum inputs

I want to write a book in English and then translate it into Hindi. Do you also provide translation services?2023-02-02T12:51:59+05:30

Yes, indeed. In fact, we have already published several books in both these languages. We have a good number of translators on board who know the intricacies and independence of Hindi and English languages and translate one book into another, keeping intact the sanctity and the message of the original book intact

Can you promise me Amazon Bestseller if I publish my book through your publishing house?2023-02-02T12:54:14+05:30

The answer to this question cannot be in black and white, i.e. yes or no. However, given the content, cover, designing and other golden nuggets that we put in our book, it naturally becomes able to be an Amazon Bestseller. So many books from our publishing house have become Amazon bestsellers.

What is the difference between publisher and a book publishing coach?2023-02-02T12:55:47+05:30

A book consultant is like a wizard of publishing. He or she knows “everything about publishing” whereas a publishing house “only knows about publishing”. Simply put, it is just slightly more than a printing company. In a publishing company, you get ISBN No, the parentage of that publishing house and that’s it. But, a publishing consultant will guide you at every step—write from coining the content for the title of your book to the number of pages you should limit your content in, the number of chapters, the CTA(Call to Action) page, the Foreword, the comparative length of chapters, the size of images used, their caption, the cover pages, about the book, about the author, the standard protocol to be followed, everything

Will you promote my books internationally or just Pan-India?2023-09-20T15:13:54+05:30

We promote our books globally. But, our book publishing coach Mr Dinesh Verma will guide you on whether you should promote your book internationally, or just to begin with, just Pan-India. We do not want to make our authors fall prey to the web of our services that may or may not suit them. But again, we do promote our books on a number of international platforms.

If I opt for bulk publishing of several books, will you consider discount?2023-02-02T12:59:33+05:30

We are happy to know that you have shown your trust in our publishing house and you are planning to publish a number of books through us. But, a number of things will need to get clarified before answering this question, such as will the number of services is the same in all books. Will the promotional services be the same? Will the number of pages be the same? Whatever may be your requirement, rest assured, we will live up to your highest expectations

What is the New Delhi World Book Fair 2023?2023-02-17T12:15:46+05:30

New Delhi World Book Fair 2023 is a mega event for book lovers as well as publishers. The publishers from India and abroad will participate in the fair and provide a great experience to the book lovers

Why is Pendown your Best Choice?2023-03-09T11:39:21+05:30

We will help you promote your Book to the right audience and establish your authority with astonishing ease.
Explore services –

  • Single Point of Contact for all your publishing-related needs
  • Minimal effort required
  • Hassle-free service
  • Unique communication methodology
  • 20 + years of experience with awards and accolades
  • Over 2600+ Books
  • Sufficiently equipped and adequately experienced
  • A plethora of documented customer delight stories
What’s included in the Pendown Pro Package?2023-03-09T11:46:01+05:30

We will help you promote your Book to the right audience and establish your authority with astonishing ease.

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  • Includes everything related to book-making
  • We will build your story and transform it into a world-class book
  • Smooth and successful launch of your book
  • An exquisite combination of your thought and our experience
    How it works: A Brief Overview of the Process
    • Interview-generated ideas and vision
    • Outline your proposed book
    • Beautiful blend of your ideas and our experience
    • Your feedback on the proposed structure
    • Once approved, we do a final check