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Book: “Self Love – The Power Within You”

“Self Love” , these small two words may sound a bit strange or ridiculous to a common man who is generally conversant with the concept of loving other persons, things, principles, animals, religious beliefs etc. But that happens when we take the orthodox meaning of love. The actual meaning of self love goes much beyond this when we correlate it with loving the power within ourselves for leading a happy, prosperous and satisfied life. The book illustrates a new technique which helps us to achieve the above goal in our lives through proper alignment of our physical emotional, mental and spiritual power by focusing on the path of ‘Self Love’.

As a part of  this technique, the writer has used Sound Healing Vibration Impact as a tool. Actually everything in the universe has its own vibration and frequency which impacts our body and mind differently. Even the kind of sound we produce through our vocals or even what we think in our mind directly impacts our life. So, it is a prerequisite to change our frequency if we want to change our life.

The writer also found that the light within us can’t see clearly the outside world as the layers of different colour glasses of thoughts and beliefs hinder it. Even if our Inner Light increases, the light which will reflect out will be of different colours. We have to break these glasses so that the Inner Light shines outside without any filters. In this regard, the writer has combined and integrated all the understandings and techniques to bring out the real Self. The process of self love will help us in bringing out the best in us. The writer has simplified the practice and complete understanding that she gathered in her life and penned it down in this book in search for the Real Self.

The book has been divided into three chapters. The first one being “What is love?” followed by the second chapter ”What is self love?” and again followed by the third chapter “How to empower with Self Love?” The various aspects of ‘self love’ have been explained in detail under these three headings.

After all, “What is love?” Actually, it is a complex set of emotions, behaviour and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protection, warmth and respect for other people. We all seek love for different reasons. Generally, it is based on the aspects that are missing in our life. We humans have different needs for love which we search outside of us and want someone else to fill it up. And till the time that person is filling our needs, we remain in love with that person. In this chapter the writer has highlighted 15 common needs in the name of love which we are looking for in a relationship to be filled by others.

What is Self Love? As per the writer, it is about working on self every moment to be the better version of self. Self love is more than perfection because perfection meaning will keep evolving with an individual’s understanding. It is rather acceptance of who you are and the commitment to care for yourself in every situation. It forms the foundation of your single most important relationship that is with yourself. It is also a prerequisite to truly love others because you get what you give. It implies overwhelming low self-esteem and being comfortable in your own skin.

The next chapter is about how to empower with self love. Actually, we understand very well that we expect various things from others to enrich our life in abundance. We dream to make ourselves happy, fulfilled and content. But the irony is that all these things that we seek from others, we lack in ourselves. So, it is like having a currency to get something from outside. Basically, all of us are a complete package of human dynamics i.e., combination of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. The book has illustrated how to strengthen all the four indispensable elements of our body in order to have harmonious coordination with each other, leading us to a happy, prosperous and satisfied life.

 Ms. Aaira Kaurr is a versatile personality who had the chance of not only visiting and living in many parts of India but also had the opportunity of working in various vital professional fields. She also has the experience of attending and organizing various seminars related to this field. As such the submissions made by her in this book are not merely theoretical but duly certified by her practical experiences.

This book is a must read for all those who are living a crawling life in spite of being blessed with all those potentialities required for living a happy, prosperous and satisfied life.

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