90 per cent ofstartups worldwide face failure, with 10 per cent of them failingwithin the first year. Many of these failed startups are distribution-led businesses that encounter challenges due to a lack of properexecution.


Shocking, right???

Are you tired of seeing startup dreams crumble? The hard truth is, 90% of startups worldwide face failure, with 10% of them crashing within the first year.

The key culprit? Distribution-led businesses grappling with execution challenges.

But fear not, entrepreneurial rockstar! Your hard work deserves more than becoming just a statistical failure.We see the hard work you put into your business; you give it your heart & soul [and of course, your hard-earned bank balance].

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This system integrators’ book will enhance your lives as business owners by sharing valuable knowledge andexperience in the field. The insights andlessons in this book will benefit those in the technology industry and potentially improvetheir processes, practices, and overall success.

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Documentingand sharing these experiences, dynamic authors Atul Modi & Anuj Modi, leading Modi Infosol a company dedicated to enhancing people’s technology and mobility experience are committed to contributing to the growthand development of the technology industry.

The beauty of this book is that it can be read by anyone who is passionate about growth in businessregardless of their reasons, especially those inthe field of Information Technology, specifically System Integration. More so, if you are:

  • A business owner of an SME or a System Integrator.
  • A professional or consultant looking to implementtechnology and business strategies.


In this book, you will learn how organizations, by not following the right sequence and making mistakes, hinder theirability to generate the profits they are entitled to and how itimpacts their world.

Learn how to avoid the profit-hindering mistakes that plague organizations. Discover market growth tactics, including:

  • Developing a New-Age Mindset that focuses on communication through
    • Active Listening
    • Empathy
    • Clarity
    • Prompt Responses
    • Personalization
    • Positive Language
    • Solution-Based Approach
    • & Active Follow-ups


  • Building Connections through identifying the key person(s), finding common ground and being authentic and genuine etc.


  • Treating Customers as King as they are the ones who generate revenue and you need to always stay ahead of the competition. Also, they are the ones who give you feedback that tells you what is working and what to improve.


  • Becoming a Problem solver– It is important for IT system integrators to have in-depth product knowledge to offer effective solution design, seamless integration, optimal configuration and customization etc.


  • Power of Sequence in Marketing– The power of sequence in marketing refers to the strategic ordering and sequencing of marketing activities to create a more impactfuland effective customer journey. By carefully planning the sequenceof marketing messages and actions, businesses can guide customers through a series of steps that lead to desired outcomes, such asmaking a purchase, becoming a loyal customer, or advocating forthe brand.


  • Building a Great Reputation– Building authority in front of customers involves establishingcredibility, expertise, and trust through providing, value, demonstrating knowledge & expertise, being visible & vocal at industry events and offering exceptional service etc…


  • Seeking and acknowledging Inputs and feedback-The power of acknowledgement lies in its ability to validate,appreciate, and foster a deeper connection with others. Whenyou acknowledge someone, you recognize their efforts, qualities,or achievements, which can profoundly impact their self-esteem,motivation, and overall well-being.


Remember, once you absorb and implement the super sequence shared in this book you will never need to chase clients or big-ticket orders, you will become your market’s first choice by default and nothing and no one will be able to stop you from growing 10X and making a splash in this Make in India Initiative Economy……

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