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Book : ‘The Clarity First’ by Mr. Amit Chawla

How To Win Buyers And Influence Sales With Clarity Of Thoughts

Every businessman aspires for the growth of his business and uses the best of his capabilities and potentialities for this purpose. However, to get still better results; business help books, motivational self-help books, and inspirational books play an important role in strengthening the clarity of his vision and thus ensuring the success of his business. In this regard, our search for a good clarity book ends with “The Clarity First” by Mr. Amit Chawla which rightly serves the purpose of ensuring clarity of thought and can rightly be used as a business strategy book.

Despite having blessed with a lot of potentials and opportunities, most of us are not as clear as to how to use them. We have a lot of money but no clarity of where and how to use it, a lot of creativity but no clarity of what to create and how to put it for optimum results, a lot of knowledge and immense information but no clarity of what best to use for, a lot of potential but no clarity of how and where to put it to attain fulfilment in life, lot of experience, but no clarity of where can it be applied for achievement and so on. This results in the non-achievement of those goals for which we are striving for.

In our society, you will find a lot of people who keep on changing their profession/ work/ area of interest, etc. because they have no clarity about their goals. They think that they will be able to create a miracle the day they will change their ongoing work and start another. They become so confident that “Tomorrow will be Theirs”. But that tomorrow never comes. They keep on reaping the same thing which they have been reaping earlier because they keep on doing with the same mindset. It is the lack of clarity that is creating their work’s mess and their life hell. The book will help as a true guide to help this category of people as well.

Our mind is naturally all clear and clarity always resides within us as a default setting. But we keep on bringing contaminated or opinionated thoughts and eventually lose clarity. If we use the default setting or reset button, we will reach the natural state and clarity will be there automatically. This book explains to you how to press this reset button and several other techniques which if applied honestly will take you to newer heights of achievements in your life.

The writer has enumerated plenty of benefits with the achievement of clarity. To name a few, he has mentioned – It makes priorities crystal clear, it accelerates the pace of growth, it also helps in improving the personal and team productivity, your passion rises like a phoenix, your thoughts become clearer, clarity reduces decision fatigue, it paves the way of achieving bigger goals, it helps in maintaining peace of mind, it brings balance in life, etc. Some people feel that clarity is the opposite of confusion, but as per the writer – confusion is not the opposite of clarity, but it is the first step to clarity. This is so because if you are confused, it only means that you are looking for an answer to some problem or question. And once you start looking for the answer, you will get it definitely by all means.

This book has been divided into thirteen chapters, each one dealing with a specific aspect of clarity. In one chapter the writer has tried to explain this concept by putting it in the shape of a formula and also to solve a puzzle via a clarity wheel at the end of every chapter, sufficient space has been provided for noting down the main points of that chapter.

 Amit Chawla is a versatile personality having a vast experience of having worked at senior leadership positions in vital professional fields. As such the submissions made by him in this book are not merely theoretical but duly certified by his own practical experiences. This book has been written by him as a mission to bring clarity in our minds so that more and more people get benefited from it and make this world a better place to live in.

This book is a must-read for all those who are in search of a compact guide on how to grow business. This book is equally useful for anyone interested in personal growth by changing one’s life – and that too very fast. It is much more than a typical “self-help” personal development book in the market.

You can get a copy of “The Clarity First” by Mr. Amit Chawla, from our authorized vendors as well as Amazon.

Amit Chawla

India’s #1 Business Clarity Coach who is on mission to transform lives of the decision-makers.

Amit Chawla is an internationally proven software industry senior with over 28 years of extensive experience. He coaches CXOs, Sr. Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners to attain absolute clarity to “What They Really Want.”