‘’Currently making up 7% of the GDP, the real estate industry is predicted to increase to 10% by 2025.

The industry in India is expected to be worth USD 1 trillion in the next years as the country strives for a USD 5 trillion economy.’’

Source: Attributed to Shri Durga Shanker Mishra, Secretary of the Union Housing and Urban Affairs Ministry during an interactive session with the Bharat Chamber of Commerce as per an article in the TIMESPROPERTY.COM dated 30th December 2022.


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Here’s your golden chance to save and make millions in the flourishing Indian real estate market. As Aatma Nirbhar Bharatspeeds toward a 5 trillion-dollar economy, the real estate sector is the engine driving growth, contributing a whopping 1 trillion. However, with stuck projects and credibility loss, the sector stands on shaky ground. This book is your GPS to navigate the RERA landscape for maximum success.

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  • The Genesis & Critical Pillars Of RERA
  • Key Provisions Under RERA
  • Functions, Duties & Obligations of Real Estate Promoters& Agents Under RERA
  • Critical Factors Before Applying for RERA Registration
  • Rights & Duties of Allottees Under RERA
  • Project Costs Under RERA
  • Cash Flow Mechanism Under RERA
  • New Roles & Responsibilities Under RERA
  • Transformations Post RERA (A Critique) & Visioning RERA 2.0
  • Building A Credible Brand by Adhering to RERA Compliance
  • Resolution Plan for Stuck Projects: An Actionable Blueprint
  • 5-Year Progress Of RERA— A Bird’s Eye View
  • Unique State RERA Initiatives

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