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Book: “The secret of Winning” by Amandeep Thind

Fascinating Secret Of Winning Tactics That Will Help Your Business Grow

What is winning? In simple words – it can be defined as a correct or desired result of an attempt. In fact, every action we perform is an attempt, and when the inherent motive of any such effort is met, we call it “Winning.”

All of us aspire to be successful and winners in whatever attempts are made by us. But most of the time, it doesn’t happen so in real life. We face certain odds and give up, while in a practical sense, the real winning occurs when we stay persistent on our journey of facing the odds and overcoming them. Once we overcome them, we become a winner.

The fundamental question arises here as to how to overcome these odds and impediments in the most appropriate manner? This book provides prudent and authentic guidance to address this question, and accordingly, you learn how to nurture your skills to become a winner. The book teaches us that you never really fail until you give up and label yourself a loser. There is always a way to fight back, no matter how many times you failed, there is still an opportunity to win it back. The winner is inside you only. Life doesn’t end when you lose a game or fail in business or an examination. It presents you with an opportunity to own the real winner. You can use your winning attitude to become resilient enough not to get carried away with the past failures and instead bring your business back on track in a surprisingly short amount of time. For that, you will have to change what is called the “Belief System.” You will have to learn by heart this statement: Winning or losing a business deal or an exam doesn’t define you as a “winner” or a “loser.” Instead, your attitude towards that occurrence makes you a “winner” or “loser.”  As such, the book helps create a win-win situation by applying the tools and techniques explained in the book.

The book is divided into ten chapters. The first chapter deals with the journey of winning, while the second one explains the difference between winning and losing. The next one speaks about learning the lessons followed by another chapter explaining the concept of ‘Big Dream.’ The further sections are ‘Tenacity–The Unbreakable Spirit,’ ‘ Learning – The Staircase of Winning’, ‘Passion – The Key Ingredient of Winning’, ‘Focus – The Hidden Weapon’, ‘Connections – The Fluid of all Winning Journey’ and ‘Universal Power – The Divine Doorway’, each one explaining in detail a technique to be applied for ensuring a win-win situation. For the readers’ convenience, space has been provided at the end of each chapter for taking notes. The book also contains a galaxy of motivational quotations by established celebrities, which will serve as instant energy boosters for its readers.

Author Amandeep Thind has vast experience in teaching, where he had the opportunity to interact with many people with different backgrounds. As such, the submissions made by him in the book are not merely theoretical but duly certified by his own experiences.

Through this book, you will find your winning code. You will expand your communication skills and improve your confidence in dealing with your challenges. The book is a must-read for all those people who want to have a tag of winners in their lives and especially those who have given up or who are giving up on their dreams and aspirations.

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