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The future of business growth is Story Selling. Why is it that people talk about some brands like they have a personal stake in the company? Why do certain brands become an integral part of people’s lives?

If you think about a product (washing powder) or a service (sending or receiving money), your mind will be flooded with so many companies. Needless to say, the number of companies that we see today is more than the products and services. Here, there is an interesting scenario as well. Out of this avalanche of brands, there is one brand at least that you cannot compare with others in every product you purchase or every service you avail.

So, what is the reason of this covalent bond or Fevicol-like connection? Why has Surf become more important than detergent itself? Why Baba Ramdev has become synonymous with Yoga? Why does it seem that for these companies consumers are not merely the consumers, but the stakeholders?

The answer to all these questions is just a one-liner: they all have incredible stories associated with them. Stories that touch the hearts of millions and remain with them till their last breath. Stories that most people identify with. Stories they preserve as their most Precious Possessions. Stories they relish sharing with their soulmates, their near and dear ones. Stories that carry a powerful magnetic message.

Stories that people identify with at an essential level. Many of those stories are so good they become part of our culture, even part of our language more importantly, these stories cannot be parachute stories. They cannot be imported as and when required, or all of a sudden. These cannot be implanted either. These stories aren’t just random or accidental. They are carefully crafted, then nurtured, cultivated, and honed. And it’s a process that can work for any company, regardless of its size, reach or sector. There are heroes in every industry. What is the story you are telling the world? And is the world responding?

Become the Hero in your industry, partner with us to create a brand story that connects with people’s emotions and compels them to choose you despite stiff competition.

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