The Green Fire is written on the backdrop of the Pangs of Partition. This is arguably the first book that addresses the problem of refugees settling into “Hindustan.”

The book talks about all the hardships that the refugees had to face in India, Post-independence. They had to start everything from a scratch. But, in spite of all the hardships, they refused to surrender to their fate. Despite being robbed literally of all material possessions, they not only survived bravely but also respectfully.

Arguably, these were the only people who cried when India rejoiced in its newly-founded freedom. In fact, they were the ones who had to pay dearly in order to win independence in the year 1947. It will not be wrong to categorise them as “The Real Martyrs of Independence.”
This is just not another book written on the backdrop of partition. It is rather the source of inspiration for today’s generation to never ever give up on life and how to survive in the most challenging situations.
This is the book that not only discusses Fear but also makes its readers immune to this menace. No matter, whether you have only mild symptoms of getting engulfed with fear, or you are asymptomatic, you will get freedom from the shackles of fear for sure.

The author of this book Kanika Adlakha holds a post-graduation degree in English literature. She has earned a writing degree from the Writers Bureau, London. She has been writing short stories and poems in various leading magazines in India. Professionally, she is the co-founder and managing director of Cargopeople Logistics and Shipping Pvt. Ltd. based in New Delhi. This book is inspired by the stories she has grown up learning from her grandparents and their relatives who had experienced the pain of partition themselves.

This book is for all those readers who want to do away with all fears and lead a rejoicing and refreshing life.

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