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Book “Money Generating” Buildings 2.0 by Mr. Rohit Surendra Nagia

Pendown Press, India’s most trusted self-publishing company presents “Money Generating” Buildings 2.0 by Mr. Rohit Surendra Nagia.

This Book is A Special Mandatory Read For You If You Ever Want To Build Your Building, That Contributes To Your Growth. It Gives A Detailed Understanding On Not Only How To Approach Your New Next Building, But Also How It Can Become Virtually Free To You Just By Small Easy Steps And Understanding Of The Process. Your Relationship With Your Building Design And Build Process Is As Important As You Would Bring Up Your Child… It Could Have Fabulous Or Devastating Results, Depending On Your Mindset The Book Is An Easy Story Like reading With Actual Case Studies To Open Up Your Mind To How You Can Make Your Next Building A Success. If You Are A Corporate, Builder Or A Person Who Is Planning Their Next Dream Home, This Book Is For You Get Ready To Build Your Next One Virtually For Free. Huge Savings, Least Maintenance And High Performance Buildings Are The Future!

The book is divided into six chapters, the first one being ‘ Why doesn’t the building pay you back ?’ Under this chapter, the author has described that ours is a society that is in search of being better at everything, better living, better being, better happiness, and so on. This search for being better generates innovations.

The second chapter of the book is ‘Closing the dripping tap’ which has been illustrated by using the simile of a child. While rearing up our child, we make the biggest investment of life in him, right from imbibing with core values, the ambiance, the focus, the deep research in his schooling as well as in college, and so on.

Chapter three of the book is ‘Process of creation’ which pertains to the planning part of the proposed building. Under this, you need to make a list of everything that your new building requires. You should be ready with your vision and future concepts . And now it is the time to meet the right architect who should be fully well versed with big 3 design awareness principles i.e. location and context, natural habitat and future habitat, and transforming obstacles to possibilities as well as possibilities into opportunities.

Chapter four of the book is ‘unlock the potential in your building’, which illustrates how your building can generate money for you. If planned properly, your building can pay for itself over the years to come and pay it off to you, or even better earn for you in the years to come.

Chapter five of the book illustrates the ‘pointers to the path’ where the contents of the book have been summarized in the form of bullet points and underlining the need of choosing the right architect.

Chapter six of the book is ‘getting started – conclusion’ where the architect has shared his contact link also for seeking a reply to any type of queries in this regard.

The author of this book, Mr. Rohit Surendra Nagia is a practicing architect with experience of over two decades. He has 370+built forms to his credit. He is an expert in the field of architectural design who is known for his professional knowledge and trustworthiness.

This book is a must-read for all those who want to build their building, which contributes to their growth. If you are a corporate, builder, or a person planning your next dream home, this book is for you only, to build your next one virtually for free.

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