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Book “How to Manufacture Time” by Mr. Chandan Goyal

Pendown Press, India’s most trusted self-publishing company presents “How to Manufacture Time” by Mr. Chandan goyal.

How to Manufacture Time is a step by step process to create as much time as you want. It’s application is very practical and make use of digital tools and technology in creating time.

The irony of life is that time is what we want most but time is what we waste most. Time is the most precious non-renewable resource in our life.

After reading this book, “I don’t have time” phrase will go away forever from your vocabulary and thought process.

This accreditation of distraction has been discussed in detail in the first chapter of the book which comprises total seven chapters.

The second chapter of the book explains the concept of ‘ ideation ’ which plays an important role in the manufacturing of time.

Chapter three of the book is related to ‘ scheduling ’ which has been described as a key tool for the manufacturing of time. The book explains in detail the three components of effective scheduling i.e. capture tool, calendar, and to-do list.

Chapter four describes the features of ‘deep drive session’ which is the ultimate tool for manufacturing time.

Chapter five of the book relates to ‘ Time creation habits’, where nineteen such amazing and useful habits have been described.

In Chapter Six, the author has shared various ‘bonus tools’ which the reader can apply to experience the saving of a huge quantity of time.

Finally, the last chapter has been devoted to FAQs and their solutions.

This book is a must-read for all those who always complain of shortage of time and want to get rid of this problem. The techniques and technology suggested in this book will certainly prove a boon for them. The author has already applied them in his personal life and found them prudent and authentic.

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