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Book : “Fix your knees without a stitch!” by Dr. Pankaj Bharti ( MD)

This book sheds light on the reasons why treatment in allopathic and other systems of medicine fail when it comes to treating Joint Pain. The book very cogently proves why surgery is not always a good option and why holistic treatment is the need of the hour. This book is among the “rare few” books that connect the mindset & occurrence of the disease and prescribes loving yourself. The book is Do it Yourself kind of book with all the information that worth knowing about Joint Pain.

The matter of this book has been bifurcated into twenty-one chapters, namely – The real cause of lifestyle disorders, Joint pains, Osteoarthritis knee, Why surgery is not always a good option? Why holistic treatment? Correction of deformities, Treatment tools, and techniques, Detoxification benefits, Decongestion of the lever, Lymphatic system cleansing, Kidney cleansing, Lung cleansing, Joint cleanse, Alkalisation, How to start eating alkaline today?, No more persistent stress, Correction of deformities, Treatment protocol, Low impact activities, Weight loss strategies, Weight loss tips to make things easier & faster. As can be seen from the above names, each heading deals with one particular aspect of a lifestyle disorder. At the end of the book, some case studies of a few eminent personalities on joint pains have also been highlighted.

The author of this book Dr. Pankaj Bharti (MD)is a global authority in joint pain and spine management. As such the submissions made by him in this book are not merely theoretical but based on his professional knowledge of this subject. In his life, he himself had some wellness related issues for which he ran from one consultant to another for exploring various treatment options but all in vain. He also went through various books about this field but could not get a very concrete principle of treating lifestyle disorders. He found almost the same thing as the allopathic system was talking about. No books were able to tell the real root cause of the disease/disorder and its permanent or long-lasting treatment. However, the writer did not get discouraged but rather felt happy since it gave him the chance of exploring new things and ideas which are before us in the shape of this book.

The book is written in such a way that it can be used as a self-help guide for the people of almost every age group. The writer has incorporated all the things that are worth knowing in pain management.

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