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Book :“Embrace your own power to fight corruption” by Mr. S.P.Manchanda

India is undoubtedly a great country known for its natural and cultural wealth. However, its pride and goodwill on this account are being tarnished by the corrupt activities which go on unabashedly in almost all spheres of life. Corruption is one such problem that has been prevalent in our country since ages more widely seen in the dishonesty of the people in power and acts of bribery at various levels. But suitable action to stop it at the civil level is hardly seen.

We can see a good number of laws that have been prescribed to eliminate corruption from the country. But the corruption is still found spreading its wings rampantly. One of the most important reasons for this state of affairs can be traced to the inaction of the common man. In our society, we can find a good number of people criticizing the government or the municipality or the judiciary for their mismanagement while sitting in their drawing rooms or parks. But you will hardly find anyone to rise and initiate any step towards eradication of this menace. The world is suffering a lot, not because of the action of bad people but because of the silence of good people. While going a bit deep, we observe that the main reason for their inaction is lack of knowledge of the required direction and process. They don’t know whom to approach?  Or, how to approach?  The book ‘Embrace your own power to fight corruption’ by Mr. S.P.Manchanda is the right guide for all such people or situations.

The book has been divided into five chapters each one concentrating on one aspect of the subject. Chapter one of the book has been dedicated to. “Public grievance filing system” where complaint redressed mechanism is explained in detail. To make it more comprehensive, the author has prescribed some easy steps to illustrate the process of filing the complaint/grievance.

Chapter two of the book has been dedicated to, “Right to information act, 2005”. It is a very important tool available in our country where vigilant citizens can use it to ask information about government activities, to monitor public works, prevent scams and exert pressure to ensure that public funds are utilized effectively and government employees to perform their duties efficiently and honestly. The credit of unearthing various major scams i.e. 2G Scam, Commonwealth Games Scam, Adarsh Society Scam, etc. goes to this act only.

Chapter three of the book is, “Consumer Protection Act, 2019” relates to enhancing consumer rights. Although the government has formulated various laws, acts, and established standardization and implementation agencies for consumer welfare but the market has always been trying to find loopholes in the state policies. As such the cases of cheating the consumers come to the ground now and then. Hence there is a great need to activate the consumers at the grass-root level so that their rights are duly protected.

Chapter four of the book, “Public interest litigation” is again a powerful tool to fix the system. If someone is disappointed with the decisions of government and the policies it is implementing, then this tool helps him in seeking justice by approaching the court of law. In simple terms, a PIL is a petition that can be filed in the court for seeking justice in an issue that has a larger public interest. It aims at giving common people access to the judiciary to obtain legal redress for a greater cause. Various aspects of this tool have been beautifully explained in this chapter.

Chapter five of the book, “Media Publication” denotes the famous doctrine of psychology that appreciation is a great motivator. It means in other words that if you don’t show appreciation to those who deserve it, they will learn to stop doing the things you appreciate. Media mentions play a great role in establishing that the work done by someone in this direction is of great importance and further inspires for reaching a wide range of masses. In this chapter, the author has quoted several clippings of various newspapers in support of his submissions.

Author of this book Mr. Suraj Prakash Manchanda is an old retired accomplished banker and a devoted social activist. After his voluntary retirement, he has dedicated his life to a social cause which includes empowering the citizens in India. He has been writing RTI applications, filing public interest petitions, and educating fellow citizens, and so on. He is also actively associated with various forums and organizations. As such, the submissions made by him in this book are not merely theoretical but duly certified by his practical experiences.

This book is a must-read for all those who can see the evils like corruption but are not able to initiate any action for lack of knowledge of the right path they should follow. This book will serve as a lighthouse for all such people and enable them to contribute their best to the society. This book will also serve as a handy guide for all those who have already suffered or are suffering at the hands of corruption or other malpractices in one way or the other.

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