Pendown Press, India’s most trusted self-publishing company presents Reset your Life–a handbook full of stories, examples, anecdotes and life-changing lessons.

This is the book that targets success with happiness and not the success of selfish kind that brings with it unwanted guests of illness and loneliness. In this book, the author has shared the qualities that will elevate the readers to achieve and even exceed Happiness and Success-a rather tricky combination to find in today’s frantic world.

The book is divided into 3 sections as it is based on the unique and powerful M-C-A Formula.

The first section is about reviewing and re-setting your MINDSET to prime prepare you for success.

The second section is designed and devoted to helping you achieve CLARITY on your goals, dreams and purpose of life.

The third section will help you take ACTION to Reset Your Life and achieve balanced success and happiness.

This  book by Anil Bhasin will keep you hooked till the end. Grab your copy of Reset your Life and witness the changes in your life. You can also grab the copy through our e-commerce portals, such as Amazon, Flipkart