The Pendown Press is bringing mug book to book lovers. After Instabook Influencer, this is another first-of-its-kind in the publishing world.

When the founder and CEO of Pendown Press was contacted in this regard, he, with big smile on his face said, “The idea of book on mugs was created out of situational inconvenience. It so happened that as a habitual reader of books while sipping coffee, one day there was no book to read. I felt that there is missing something seriously. I narrated about this situational lack to some of my close author friends. The idea of carving book on the coffee mug itself arose from that author interactionsBook on MUGs – Unbelievable. Now enjoy coffee with book without book
It is not only about me, people in general also tend to keep the thing that they love the most, close to their chest. Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of India and a great author, would keep red rose always into his coat. Today, we cannot imagine our day without mobile in our possession.

When I started speaking in my seminars about the importance of using books as visiting card and how books can replace your visiting cards, create magical effects on your prospective clients and Catapult your Career, the thought of carving the whole book to a day-to-day usable item flashed into my mind. It is simply because Book is an influential business part, and at any point of time, the need to show or gift may arise. Though I was clear that some things that are of day-to-day use should be used for book, but, I was not able to finalise that one thing, though a number of things came into my mind, and I expelled these for one reason or another.

Book on MUGs – Unbelievable. Now enjoy coffee with book without bookThen, one thing sparked and settled down quite naturally. It was coffee mug. I could associate this product of daily use to the frontrunners of the society, I cater to, publish books. It appears in morning and can appear in each and every business meeting. I finalised this in one go.Now, there was the execution part. How it will be presented. How it will get manifested in touch and feel form. Picking a book to begin Mug book was another big challenge.
I kept in visiting my books’ lane, did a lot of permutations and combinations.

Then, finally, I picked Move Mountain. It has 52 stories. I decided to carve these stories on 52 coffee mugs. This is first-ever concept in the world of books. You can have now more smiles per day, by shipping coffees in different mugs throughout the year and imbibe the entire book in the process.
Thanking his author friends, the renowned book-publishing coach said, “to mention here that the first spark of carving book on mug came through my author friends. During interaction with them, the idea of embossing book on coffee mug discussed and was given a format.”