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Book :“Agrawal Samaj Ki Virasat”(The legacy of Agrawal community)(in Hindi)

Agrawal community has been playing an important role in our society for centuries. Its contributions can be well seen in various fields throughout the country, especially in the northern parts of India. This community had the pride of holding very high and respectable positions like ministers as well as high officials even during the reign of Rajputs and Mughals. At certain places, they were in so important roles that they were even conferred with the titles of ‘Raja’ or ‘Raja Bahadur’ during the Moughal and British periods. At that time, these were the people, who were virtually running the governments from behind the curtain. Despite their aforesaid role in the past as well as today, most of us are not much aware of the legacy of this community. The book, “Agrawal Samaj Ki Virasat”(The legacy of the Agrawal community) written by Mr. Mohit Agrawal is the right choice for quenching your thirst in this regard.

The book contains the details of the legacy of the Agrawal community spread in North India with a special focus on Delhi, Haryana, and Punjab. Some very rare pieces of vital informationranging from 900 years back to 100 years back have been incorporated in the book which includes historical information about various Agrawal kings, ministers, and samanthas.

The book has been divided into two parts. The first part contains important information aboutthis community. It has been covered in six chapters namely, “Gotron par shodhatmakjaankari” (research information about gotras), “Rajput evamSultnat Kaal” (Rajput and Sultanate Period), “Moughal Kaal” (The Moughal Period), “British Kaal evamUdyogonkiSthapna” (The British Period and Establishment of Industries), “Delhi ki Agrawal Sabhaen” (Agrawal Associations of Delhi), and “Darshniya Sthal” (Places worth seeing).

The second part of the book covers the contributions of the Agrawal community in various spheres. This information has been covered in ten chapters namely, “SarkaariAdhikaari” (Government Officials), “Samajsevi Evam Udyogpsti” (Social Workers and Industrialists), “Raajniti Evam Shiksha Kshetra” (Politics and Field of Education), “Khel Jagat” (Area of Sports), “NyaayKeKshetra Mein” (In the field of Justice), “Abhineta” (Actors), “VidhanSabhaonEvemVidhanParishadon Mein” (In Legislative Assemblies and Legislative Councils), “Haryana” (Haryana), and “Punjab” (Punjab).

The book is full of very vital and interesting information which maybe useful for othercommunities as well. How many of us know that the designing work of Lahore city (now in Pakistan) was done by sir Gangaram, an Agrawal. The credit for designing the Secretariat building at New Delhi also goes to him only. Similarly, the credit of establishing various eminent banks also goes to Agrawals only i.e. Punjab National Bank (by Lala Lajpat Rai), Oriental Bank of Commerce( by Rai Bahadur Sohan Lal Bansal), New Bank of India( Dr.Ganeshi Lal Agrawal and Mulk Raj Agrawal were two of its six promoting directors), etc. The book has been written in an illustrative way and the contents have been supported by various pictures and charts which have added value to the book.

The writer of the book Mr. Mohit Agrawal is in the field of writing for a long. He started writing poems when he was in the fifth standard of his studies. Subsequently, he started writing stories from class ten, and since 2013; he started writing research articles on Agrawal community, and so on. In the year 2019, he had the pride of publishing the book “Haryana Ka Gaurav Agrawal Samaj” depicting the history of Agrawals in Haryana. He has been honoured from time to time by various organizations and institutions for his writing works.

The book is a must-read for all those who want to have an authentic and thorough knowledge of the history and contributions of Agrawal Samaj. The people of other communities can also get motivation from this book for rendering similar legendary services for the welfare of mankind. The book is bound to prove a milestone in the historical study of this community.

You can get a copy of “Agrawal Samaj Ki Virasat”(The legacy of Agrawal community)(in Hindi) by Mr. Mohit Agrawal from our authorized vendors as well as from Amazon.