• Fintech is one of the hottest industries in the world today.
• Anybody remotely connected to the field wants to jump onto the Fintech Bandwagon.
• As a Fintech enthusiast/professional, what are you doing to ensure that you benefit from this emerging technology and stay at the forefront of the Fintech revolution?
This book is designed for professional Fintech enthusiasts interested in gaining a deeper understanding of Fintech trends, ecosystems, tools, and methods of the latest financial technology innovations.

This book will be of significant value to others who aspire to be successful Fintech professionals, such as.
• Mid- to Senior-level managers working in banking, investment, real estate, insurance, risk management, regulatory, and other fields in the financial industry.
• CXOs getting into the Fintech industry.
• Consultants seeking to create cutting-edge understanding for their clients in the Fintech space.
• And everyone interested in a ‘ticket’ to the numerous lucrative
• opportunities in today’s hottest industry.

Get ready to impact the world with the hottest industry in the world right now!

A Fintech Engineering leader with digital payments experience of 23+ yearsKrishna Potnis” works with Verifone. He has been driving the designing, building, and management of global payment gateway solutions. He has a keen eye for finding a suitable use case for applying new technology.

He has developed agile processes for Fintech solution building and is focused on domain-driven design for Fintech product development.

Always willing to share knowledge on Fintech, Krishna is a sought-after speaker. He also mentors and guides engineering managers and leaders in their careers.

Product Details

Book:Connecting Fintech: Building Techno-Financial Bridge Using 5D Model

Author:Krishna Potnis


Binding:Perfect binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:244


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2023

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