This book is the result of author’s learning from his entrepreneurial experiences, successes, failures & challenges of life and interactions with HR experts, educationists, researchers and interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

It is his endeavor to answer the what, why and how about developing an entrepreneurial mindset which transcends your limiting beliefs and moves you beyond sustainability to thriveability.

This book will enable you to align your inner strengths and facilitate you recognise the untapped resources that you can harness, manage, control, lead and achieve unprecedented breakthroughs in every area of your life while shaping your way of Being.

Pradeep Malhotra is an experienced Mindset Cultivator, Certified Master Entrepreneurial Skills Facilitator, with 40+ years of proven track record in the Corporate, Education and Training field. He is an Author and accomplished Social Entrepreneur with a passion for youth and women empowerment.

Through his education & training programs, he has transformed the lives of over 30,000 participants & helped individuals and organizations produce breakthrough results.

All his programs are based on well-researched core content + 3Q (IQ+EQ+SQ) + human dynamics and adult learning principles (ALP).

As a GIZ, Germany & SEQUA, UK certified facilitator and certified entrepreneurship faculty from EDI, Ahmedabad, he has effectively conducted multi-location training & academic projects for central & state government initiatives, top corporate and industrial houses, PSUs & NGOs.

He is the life member of NHRD Network (Delhi Chapter), TIE, AIMA and DMA.

Pradeep is the Founder & CVO of PRADEEPAM Multi Academy and SEAL WisdomNet.

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Book:Rein Your Mind Gallop Your Performance

Author:Pradeep Malhotra



Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:64


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2021

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