The 53rd card is the Joker, observing without judging, where your passion meets proficiency, and implementing, to making it your profession. This book reveals how to make a profit, by giving the world what it needs, with simple actionable plans. There is no age to find your Ikigai with your hidden Joker and start living the purpose of your life. Stories, lessons, and exercises to inspire you to achieve joy, your reason for being, your IKIGAI.

Dr. Reet is an authority on Ikigai and her words, are powerful and inspirational. The best part is her technique of progressing step by step towards following your passion. I sincerely wish that more and more people get introduced to the concept of Ikigai and lead a Joyous life.”

~Anurag Chauhan
Executive Vice President & Legal Head, Max Life Insurance.


Dr. Ritu “Reet” Arora, is a TED x speaker, global corporate trainer, and a mind stimulation expert for the last 20+ years. A periodontist with numerous National and International awards under her belt, Dr. Reet discovered her Ikigai at a very early age, which was transformational coaching. Having interviewed and worked with top National and international leaders in various fields and forums, she has spent the last 20+ years training over 30,000 individuals, helping them find joy and purpose in life and realize their dreams.

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Book:IKIGAI & The 53rd CARD: It Ain’t Over Till The Last Card is Played

Author: Dr. Reet



Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:39


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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