The world post-pandemic is poised at a critical juncture. Only those who adapt and keep pace with the fast-changing global scenario will survive and thrive. If you have a vision for contributing to a self-reliant India by running a successful and profitable global enterprise. It is time to act NOW! You are holding the key to that doorway to success in your hands. Every MSME has the potential to become an MNC with the right guidance and strategic changes.

Here is your complete guide to fulfilling your dream of transitioning from an MSME to an MNC smoothly.

An alumnus of IIM Calcutta, a CMA, CS, AMT, and a Certified Corporate Director, Pankaj Jain is a sought-after Business Mentor with over 31 years of diversified experience across a broad spectrum of industries. He has a proven track record of turning around the financial position of numerous companies, helping them achieve exponential growth even in challenging times. He is also renowned for helping start-ups achieve sustainability and scalability in their businesses.

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Book:Transform Your MSME2MNC: Let’s Begin Your Journey To BuildMNC

Author:CMA. Pankaj Jain


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:58


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:5/30/2023

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