The Untold Secret of “MONEY GENERATING” BUILDINGS to build your next Dream Home virtually for FREE!


Are you a corporate, a builder, or a person who is planning his next dream home?


This book gives you the complete know-how about making it possible. It gives you a detailed understanding of approaching your new next building and how it can become virtually free to you just by small manageable steps and understanding of the process.


Your relationship with your building design and build process is as essential as you would bring up your child. It could have fabulous or devastating results depending upon your mindset.

The book is a straight forward story like actual case studies to open up your mind on making your next building success on the above lines.


You will discover….

  • Scientific ways to turn your office or home building into a money generating building.
  • The Techniques of Huge savings, least maintenance, and high performance of your building.
  • Complete knowledge about how to choose eco-friendly building materials and construction practices.
  • How to unlock the potential in your building?
  • The process and understanding about how your building can pay you back.


Rohit Surendra Nagia is North India’s leading Architect for the last two decades who has credit for building more than 400 homes/offices/buildings with Green specifications. Graduated from the prestigious college of architecture C.E.P.T. Ahmedabad in 1997, he was responsible for designing I.I.M. Indore, Medical Council of India, Delhi, and I.I.T. Gwalior.

He is an avid researcher in low-cost architecture. As a qualified trainer and evaluator, he makes sure that the built forms are sustainable, energy-efficient, and require low maintenance.


So Tempting title that I can’t miss to read for my Dream Home.

~Dinesh Verma C.E.O. Pendown Press


Product Details

Book:Money Generating Buildings 2.0

Author:Rohit Surendra Nagia



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:88


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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