“A Book that Provides sure-shot ways to make your mind work in your complete favor”
~ Dinesh Verma (Founder & CEO of Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.)

This book proves that anything can be achieved by our mind as it has infinite potential. You just need to know the right way to make it work for you. Make a conscious choice to feed only those thoughts that will help you to grow. The author of this book appeals to the readers and tells the way to let the negative thoughts die of hunger or malnutrition and make the dream of your life a reality.

“Gazal” has a high potential to understand people and the challenges they face in their work-life situations. She brings the very best and highly effective solutions that work beautifully to make people feel more empowered, focused, and determined to achieve their goals. As a coach, her strategic intervention is her core strength that delivers outstanding results. In her total working experience of 21 years, she has been able to contribute to 700+ people’s life, making them believe that we all have the power to be extraordinary. Nothing is impossible. If we truly believe, we can achieve– ANYTHING!!

Product Details

Book:Modern Mind Hacks: Mindset Makeover Coach

Author:Gazal Luthra


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:44


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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