(Mr. Backup 2.0/ Mr. Family 2.0)

Data Backup, despite being a savior becomes one of the last priorities for organizations and individuals as day-to-day operational aspects in normal times don’t get impacted by it.

Similarly, the Importance of family in an individual’s life is critical but taken for granted by a majority of busy professionals.

The crucial importance of both data backup and family is not immediately visible.

This book highlights the impact of not focusing on backup & family.

And to remedy that, it defines through a story the 9 habits that you can quickly & successfully adopt for:

Backup 2.0: Reconciliation worries to Recovery under all circumstances.

Family 2.0: Worry to Happiness under all circumstances.

With 30 + years of experience, Kamal Gulati is the founder of ‘’ itS Technology Solution Private Limited’’ (India’s 1st 100% Backup/Archival focused organization). This unique company has won 25+ Awards in the last 5 years alone. A B.Tech ( Electronics ) from the Prestigious NIT Warangal and a management graduate, he has worked in senior profiles with leading organizations such as TCS, IBM, Elnova, Atempo, etc. He has also been contributing & learning through active roles in Landmark Worldwide, ISODA regional roles, PCAIT& NGOs Bharatiyam. He lives in Delhi with his soulmate Ruchi and 2 lovely children Saksham &Tavishi.

Product Details

Book:Mr Backup 2.0 Reco-Worry to Recovery,…One Habit is Enough

Author:Kamal Gulati


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:111


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:3/16/2023

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