This book is the ultimate guide for small businesses and start-ups who want to learn cost-effective marketing ways and get more out of a small budget. This manual enables one to learn about simple marketing strategies to get more customers. This will enable readers of the book to give a boost to their brand and establish credibility and trust with their customers.


Rekha Sorout is a leading Woman Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant for Small Businesses and startups and is on a mission to help young women entrepreneurs get started with their new start-ups and create their own identity. She is helping more and more women to grow their potential into performance, grow a profitable business, live a purposeful life, and become entrepreneurs of influence. She is one of those women who defied gender discrimination and went on to build their own companies.

Initially, She Invested all her money in her own business, and also she has to wait for a long as She was not getting clients so easily but she did not give up and tried to find different ways of marketing unless she achieved success.

Her Story is Truly inspiring for all the women who have the courage to fulfill their dreams with colors of reality. Her Ability to inspire others through her own story is a gift that Very Few Possess. She is Dynamic, motivational, and more importantly, a wealth of knowledge.

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Book:13 Low Cost Marketing Strategies to get more Customers: The Missing Manual for Small Business Owners & Start-ups

Author:Rekha Sorout


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:45


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:15/10/2022

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