• Do you overthink and over-analyze things?
• Is stress and anxiety a regular part of your life?
• Do your thoughts overwhelm you?
• Do you want to have a clear mind, and enhance your decision-making ability, creativity, and         Productivity, so you can use your mind to your best capacity?

If Yes, then by practicing the simple and practical tools given in this book, you’ll be able to cultivate a new mind, and that too by devoting just three minutes a day.

Dr. Saloni Singh is the Creator of a Neuro-integrative program ‘Unshakeable’ to cultivate a calm mind.

She is a Gynaecologist turned Life & Parenting Coach, a mental & emotional well-being expert.

She’s been coaching and training people for 11+ years, globally, to help them become mindful and cultivate fulfilling relationships.

Try the simple & efficient tips shared by Dr. Saloni in this hand-book and share your experience with us.

Product Details

Book:How to Stop Overthinking in 3 Minutes: Proven Ways to Relieve Anxiety, Stress, Confusion and Tap Into the Power of a Calm and Clear Mind

Author:Dr. Saloni Singh



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.66

Number of Pages:47



Publishing Year:2020

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