If you struggle to make your bakery business profitable, you no longer need to leave it to chance or luck. With its baking secrets, this book guarantees you success and profitability. It shows you how to differentiate yourself from the competition and be your customer’s preferred choice instead of competing in a price war.

Nepal’s leading Flour Expert, AadityaVikram Agarwal, is the Technical Director of Nepal’s biggest, most advanced Flour Mill – RP Agro Industries Pvt Ltd, and the Founder-Director of the multiple award-winning leading Industrial Bakery of NepalRP Food & Confectionary Pvt Ltd.

He is the creator of Speciality flour such as Ramailo Baker’s SP Flour, Ramailo Cake Flour, and Ramailo Pizza 00 Flour which have taken the industry by storm. His proprietary 7Ps Framework has helped numerous bakeries overcome their challenges to become profitable by differentiating themselves.

Product Details

Book:Profitable Baking Guide: 11 Secrets to Multiply Your Profit and Run a World-Class Bakery

Author:Aaditya Vikram Aggarwal


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:60


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:12 March 2023

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