Attention new entrants & those looking to scale up in the Steel Industry!
Bring in big profits with slight changes by mastering these unique profitability mantras!

This book teaches you trade tricks and secrets that no business school teaches and no successful business person divulges.

With this book, you can bypass the challenges universal to the steel fraternity and run an ethical and profitable business no matter what stage of the business cycle you may be at.

The truths shared in this book are not of the loud, disruptive kind. Instead, they are small, simple and subtle shifts. But the huge impact they bring you will be visible almost immediately.

The language of the book is conversational and easy to understand, and the tools, techniques and mantras are quick and easy to implement.

This book is of immense value for everyone in the value chain in the steel fraternity, be it manufacturers, traders, fabricators or buyers or even those who are part of the sales force of a steel company.

Also, this book will add value to your operations no matter whether you are a new entrant to this industry or an established player.

This book is unique as:
✔ It shares unique, never-before divulged trade secrets.
✔ It teaches you unique easy to implement profitability mantras.
✔ It is written by a second-generation entrepreneur who has steel in his blood.
✔ It is written with an understanding of the pain points of all people in the steel value chain, manufacturers, buyers, traders, etc.
✔ It is written in an easy-to-absorb and implement conversational manner.

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A second-generation entrepreneur with Steel running in his blood, Ankit Mehta is lovingly referred to as their ‘’Steel Friend’’ by his clients. He has helped 1000s of clients achieve massive profits and eliminate losses through his unique consulting techniques and practices.

Product Details

Book:Your Steel Friend: Save on Every Ton, Make More Profits, and Get Right Quality- On Time, Everytime

Author:Ankit Mehta



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:64


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2022

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