Audiobook Production

The audiobook market is growing 20-25% annually, and it is projected that the trend will continue for years to come. Already the US market for Audiobook is predicted at US$ 1.5 billion. So, opting for an Audiobook is absolutely essential to get a more expansive reach. As more and more readers are now switching from printed books to digital books and gradually to audiobooks, the time is right to take benefit of it.

Pendown Press can help you convert your book to a record-smashing Audiobook. All the recordings were done by professionals in the studio to give a nice touch. And, we shall also help you get it published on reputed host websites.

Service includes: –
  • Voice-over by a Professional Artist
  • Recording in a studio for crisp voice-over
  • Ready to publish audio file
  • (Or similar website) submission
per hour
Alternatively, You can go with following packages:

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