Have you ever thought of writing a book?
Do you want to magnify your magnetism?
Do you believe in the impact of books on the business and lives?
Do you know that writing a book will help you in growing your existing business also?
Are you interested in building your authority and credibility in your industry/niche?
Are you aware of the concept of ‘Insta book’, the latest trend in the publishing industry and the need of today’s digitalized era?
Are you reeling under the preconceived notion that book writing is a very tough and tedious task?

The book “Top10 Reasons why you must write a book ” by Dinesh Verma provides you the authentic reply of all your aforesaid queries. It will remove all your myths about book writing like,’I am not a writer’, ‘I need to be an expert’, ‘I do not know how to write a book’, ‘I am too young (or too old) to write a book’, and so on.

This book is all about removing barriers between you and the book inside you so that you can see the book in the hands of your potential clients.

Actually everyone among us has something unique to share to this world. So as the famous phrase goes, ‘Do not die with a book inside you’ and start penning it down today itself.

In short, Dinesh runs two award-winning Publishing Companies… where he helps Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Coaches and Consultants like you to get their bestseller book written, published, and launched Globally in the fastest time possible.

His proprietary tools and methods like Hour Glass Approach to book writing effortlessly, are Widely Recognized.

Having experience of publishing 1900+ books, he is with BestsellerWithDinesh.com to impact One Million lives through Books by 2025.

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Product Details

Book:TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU MUST WRITE A BOOK: Become a Go-To Expert in Your Field, Kill Competition, Get Clients and Speaking Engagements More than You Could ever Imagine

Author:Dinesh Verma



Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:50



Publishing Year:2020

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