In a world where global clients seek cost-effective, on-trend products, my book presents a captivating story. Through the eyes of ALEX, an anonymous product innovator, readers discover a 5.5-step design process that brings their desired results. This narrative showcases how customers leveraged this framework to attain success and establish their brand in their respective markets. As an author and storyteller, my book aims to provide a compelling solution to the burning desire for well-designed, globally aligned products with a budget-conscious approach

Having a diverse background in engineering, corporate jobs, and teaching, “Ravi Laddha” has enjoyed an inspiring journey as the Managing Partner of ARTASIA, a manufacturer and exporter of Solid Wood Furniture & Home Decor Products for the past 24 years. ARTASIA’s business caters to B2B customers globally, reaching 35 countries across multiple continents. With a commitment to excellence, he has gained recognition for delivering top-notch products and providing exceptional service to his clientele.

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Book:The Story of Alex & his Globally Approved Formula 2.0

Author:Ravi Laddha


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:45


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:3/8/2023

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