If you have ever been torn about choosing between aesthetics & functionality, beauty & practicality, this book is meant for you.

Offering unique, sustainable décor & interior design solutions this book is an easy-breezy guide to beautifying & organizing interior spaces in an eco-friendly & budget-friendly manner.

This book will prove highly valuable for
• Homeowners to create & maintain the home of their dreams.
• For Interior Designers/Decorators to design homes as unique as their clients, taking their assignment a notch above others.
• For builders & realtors to achieve the perfect Show Flat- that feels like home to every prospective customer who walks in and helps your project become a bestseller.
• For e-commerce sites & retail companies offering home décor/home improvement solutions to give their customers a solution beyond the ordinary and increase their market & profitability.

A successful entrepreneur & entrepreneurial adviser, Anand Bajoria is the head of SKICORP. He mentors & empowers entrepreneurs, businesses & manufacturers in global industries to ensure system & process-driven efficiency to enhance profitability. He has successfully introduced a range of eco-friendly green products under the brand Naturallyours. It’s his mission to guide businesses and Homeowners to create & maintain the home of their dreams.

Product Details

Book:The Design Maven: Curating Inspirational Home Decor

Author:Anand Bajoria


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:69


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:8/28/2023

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