Inspired by life, this collection of Poetry gives you a MILLION Reasons to Smile.

Here’s a Gem of a Book for all Poetry Lovers!

A companion that you will not want to let go of ever!

This collection of poems is as varied as life itself, smoothly navigating a range of emotions from romance to reality.

It expresses everything you have ever felt but did not find the words to express.

Lucille Clifton said

‘’Poetry is a matter of LIFE, not just a matter of language.’’

This book lives up to this quote.

All those conversations and Q & A sessions you have had with God and yourself. All those hours spent in front of the mirror, every feeling, every nuance is captured brilliantly in crystal clear language.

Emotions are woven beautifully into words, and the words overflow with healing.

A summary of life, this book expresses all the desires, emotions, fears and disappointments that human beings go through and yet manages to leave you smiling.

This Book is Unique as:

  • It etches the journey from dreams to reality in a poetic manner with a modern spin.
  • It shares emotions that are deeply personal yet relatable and universal.
  • Though written in lyrical and poetic language, the book is easy to understand and shoots straight at the heart
  • Freely expresses the entire range of emotions, including those often neglected, such as frustration, confusion, etc.

 Light up your life and begin to SMILE. A simple action could change your life forever. Click on the Buy Button!!!

Introduction of self is sometimes difficult. But when it comes to making identity, it is important. So, here comes Mrs. Aarti Mittal a homemaker, your author of course, and a social worker too. My introduction to this world was made on 30th March 1984. Passion to write, and to feel ran in my veins from childhood. With the grace of the Almighty and the support of elders, motivation by friends and husband, and my family, I am able to bring my beautiful journey of a smile to you.

Product Details

Book:Reasons for Smile: Journey of Smile From Dreams to Reality

Author:Aarti Mittal



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:46


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2022

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