This book is a must-buy for all those lift companies who made a bold decision in their life to start their own company by leaving behind their day job. This book has been created after analysing data of more than 100 lift companies. It contains the myths that stops your growth in the journey ahead. It will help all lift entrepreneurs expand their horizon and create a unique identity.

Harsh started his career in the field of lifts by supplying mechanical parts to various lift manufacturers. The majority of the lift market was dominated by imported goods. In order to understand the problems of sourcing in the domestic market, he started working as an Elevator Mechanical Design Consultant. He specialises in resolving problems of lift manufacturers in sourcing high-quality customised market products in India by providing a Highly-customised Tailor Made Kits. There are a lot of companies that shifted their focus from importing raw materials to developing source of products in the domestic arena to get better customisation and design.

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Book:Journey of a Lift Company: 7 Powerful Ways Your Lift Business Can Make You Invincible

Author:Harsh Gupta


Binding:Hard Bound

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:34


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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