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Now, Speak Up Lady!

AUTHOR: Deepika Chawla GENRE: Health, Family & Personal Development FORMAT: Paperback

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Now, Speak Up Lady! by Deepika Chawla is a must read for women of the world. In fact, I would strongly recommend her counterpart to read this book and appreciate the potential of the better half of the world who carries half the sky on her shoulders.

There is something in common in all the stories, which is that all women have certain challenges which they face with grit and determination. As a woman having gone through it all, you finally return to yourself, speak to yourself, and speak for yourself
~DR. SHAYAMA CHONA Founder-President of Tamana Association (Padma Bhushan & Padma Shri Awardee)

Deepika is a bright shining star who have been inspiring others to realise their potential and take charge of their lives. I have seen the impact that she has had through the “Speak Up lady” program with my colleagues and myself on many facets such as personal branding, getting rid of our own inner biases, take charge and be the change. This book is a compendium of such real-life examples and experiences that could be a practical guide on how to rise above the self-imposed limitations and lead life and career with our heads held high.

~BALAJI VISWANATHAN (Managing Director & CEO, Expleo India)

A Qualified CA & a financial professional with 3 decades of global experience, Deepika Chawla is a sought-after mentor for women professionals. She is lauded for her notable work in the domains of Banking, Finance, Inclusion & Diversity, as well as people leadership for mentoring next-generation leaders across organisations & colleges. She is currently involved in facilitating women transform their lives through her unique “Speak Up Lady” Mentoring Program.

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Book:Now, Speak Up Lady!

Author:Deepika Chawla


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:146


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:26 December 2022

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Unlock Your Potential with “Now, Speak Up Lady!” – A Guide to Women’s Empowerment and Leadership

Now, Speak Up Lady!” by Deepika Chawla is not just a book; it’s a powerful manifesto for women’s empowerment, personal growth, and leadership. This inspiring read is a clarion call for women across the globe to embrace their strengths, overcome challenges, and lead with confidence. Renowned for its compelling narrative and practical insights, this book is a must-read for anyone interested in gender equality and women’s rights.

Endorsed by esteemed personalities like Dr. Shayama Chona, a celebrated Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri awardee, and Balaji Viswanathan, Managing Director & CEO of Expleo India, the book’s impact is profound and far-reaching. Dr. Chona praises the book for highlighting the universal challenges women face and the resilience they embody. She emphasizes the importance of self-expression and advocacy as tools for personal and collective liberation.

Deepika Chawla, a Chartered Accountant with three decades of experience in banking, finance, and inclusion & diversity, uses her expertise to mentor women professionals. Her “Speak Up Lady” Mentoring Program has transformed many lives by encouraging women to overcome self-doubt, break free from societal expectations, and pursue leadership roles.

This book serves as a practical guide for women aiming to navigate the complexities of the professional world while maintaining a strong sense of self. It’s filled with real-life examples and actionable advice on personal branding, shedding internal biases, and taking control of one’s life and career.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a corporate leader, or someone looking to make a positive change in your life, “Now, Speak Up Lady!” provides the tools and motivation needed to rise above limitations and achieve your full potential.

Join the Movement of empowered women who are ready to take charge and make a difference. Let “Now, Speak Up Lady!” be your guide to leading a fulfilling life and career, with your head held high.

Now, Speak Up Lady!” is more than a book; it’s a beacon of inspiration for women striving for excellence in all areas of life. Dive into this transformative journey and discover the power of speaking up for yourself.

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