In my book, I aim to empower and inspire educators who want to thrive online or are unsure where to start. I provide practical guidance, valuable insights, and action-taking strategies to help them overcome online challenges. This book is for educators who want to make an impact both online and offline. By adopting a hybrid approach, educators can revolutionize their teaching methods. Online teaching allows them to reach a wider audience, while offline teaching enables personalized interaction and attention. By combining both platforms, educators can build a powerful teaching profession that is resilient to future challenges.

With a remarkable blend of knowledge in Software Engineering and Marketing Management, “Atul Jain” is on a mission to transform the lives of 10,000 educators and impact 2 million students. Leveraging 7 years of effective experience in the tech industry, Atul has empowered hundreds of educators to establish efficient teaching systems that seamlessly integrate both offline and online approaches.

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Book:Make Million Dollar Coaching Business: Thrive In any Economy, and Build Big Brand that you Dream

Author:Atul Jain


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:64


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