Secret of Smooth and Long Lasting Abrasives The booklet contains a comprehensive analysis of the Abrasive industry. The success journey of Hindustan Abrasives, owned and operated by the author, is also discussed at length. Apart from these, special features of smooth and long-lasting cutting edge Bond 2.0 is talked about effectively. The author has been able to project the picture of Indian Abrasive market as it is. The booklet contains almost all the information related with abrasive that worth knowing. Right from information provided in the booklet to the language used, it competes in the category of a must-buy booklet.

Jatin Garg is a commerce graduate from Delhi University. He has done masters in Ceramic application from Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. He is the CEO of a leading Vitrified abrasive manufacturing firm based in North India,Delhi.He is working on twin mission—first is to ensure higher productivity in AUTOMOBILE/ANCILLARIES manufacturing plants by giving grinding wheel which GRIND, but do not BURN and that too with double the speed that is being given by VITRIFIED wheels being used today. And second is to give service to manufacturers of machines being used in AUTOMOBILE, BEARING and TOOL ROOM industry.

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Book:Secret of Smooth and Long-Lasting Abrasives: A Booklet that Contains Insightful Observations and Immensely Useful Information.

Author:Jatin Garg



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:24



Publishing Year:2020

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