How to Get the Courage and Power to Live a Life You Love
~ Poonam Kalra

Poonam Kalra’s much-awaited second book, a brand new high-impact motivational life path offering ‘Iconic Living,’ is out NOW!

A complete motivational guide, the book offers courageous wisdom and priceless nuggets on the power of nurturing and developing your mind & body to live the best life possible.

This book is a celebration of life in the grandest way possible.

Written by an inspirational woman who has held age hostage, it shows you how to expand your universe and live life to the fullest by keeping your body, mind, relationships, habits and thoughts fit and sound.

Filled with a treasure house of tips, tools, techniques and anecdotes the author has personally tried, applied and verified before sharing, every word in this book is life-altering and guaranteed to impact your life with amazing results.

Unlike other books that focus on one area of life in isolation, this book shares how to create a balanced life to live in complete harmony 360 degrees.

This book is a gift to humanity and shows readers how to live their best life, stress-free, no matter their age, gender or station in life.
With this book as your guide and friend, nothing and no one can stop you from living your best Iconic Life filled with Joy, Wealth, Health and Success.

This Book is Unique as:
• It is written by a woman who has shattered all myths & barriers related to age and set an example.
• It shares Priceless Secrets to improving every area of your life.
• It shares practical tools and exercises to build your mind, body, confidence, personality & relationships.
• Everything shared in the book is Result Oriented and Tried & Tested.

A simple action could change your life forever. Make Your Life ICONIC.
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Poonam Kalra is a popular Youtuber and motivational speaker who is a role model for all ages. She is a huge inspiration as she defies and shatters all myths and barriers related to age. She proves that age is indeed just a number by looking great, being in excellent health and starting a new venture at an age when most people give up on life.

Product Details

Book:Iconic Living: How to Get Courage, Power to Change and Live the Life You Love

Author:Poonam Kalra



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:80


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2022

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