Most parents enrol their child in an abacus program, probably because one of their neighbours or relatives suggested to do so or parents of their child’s friend have referred them or spoken highly about it. Most of the people, who recommend the abacus program, themselves, are not much aware of it but have been awestruck by the performance of their child.

This book contains all the information that the parents, educators, and the course instructors of today might want to know about the Abacus Program. Right from the quiz about your kids, the book contains all the crucial elements that are an integral part of the Abacus Program, such as cognitive skills, the working of human brain, role of arithmetic, understanding the abacus as a tool, the 8 Learning Styles and how abacus is a great self-employment opportunity.

This book will help: Parents who have been unaware of how the abacus program work. They will know about it and understand how it will benefit their children.

Parents who have enrolled their kids or plan to enrol them. It will help them take considerate decisions regarding; Why their child should enrol in the abacus program? Where should they join? What is the right age? Why there is an age criterion? What is the right methodology? What are the best practices?

This book will set the expectations right. They will also understand the difference between abacus and other Maths programs available, especially the Vedic Maths.

The book will help prospective abacus franchisees or centre owners to take the right decisions on how and why to start an abacus centre and the existing franchisees to rightly counsel parents.

Simply put, the book is a complete package of information about Abacus Program, that is not only the treasure house of knowledge, but also the guide for parents as well as Abacus centre owners.


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Book:Beads at Play Genius on the Way: How Abacus Education Helps Unleash Your Child’s True Potential

Author:Gaurav Mittal



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages:96


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:2020

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