If you are in the plastic industry, you could lose profits due to reasons you do not know or understand. This book teaches you the methodology and sequencing of profitability through effective trend-based purchasing, minimizing unmonitored inventory & liquidating dead money. Stop leaking profits and multiply them in just ten months. Turn plastic into gold!

This book also teaches the world how to use plastic in an environment-friendly manner.

A sixth-generation entrepreneur Sachin Raj Gupta is not only a super successful entrepreneur but also a business consultant who has helped numerous clients achieve higher profits by systemizing their Purchase, Production, Finance, and Sales. Some have increased their profit by more than 65% even through the Pandemic.

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Book:A Must Read For Plastic Manufacturers: Profitable Plastic: Automate Your Operations Save Your Time, Earn 37% More Profits and Kill Competition

Author:Sachin Raj Gupta


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:40


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:8/10/2022

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