If you are a TMT Bar Dealer or wish to be one— This book is for you.
Revealing the 4P Growth Framework– for 3X Consistent Growth of your TMT Bar dealership, this book is your blueprint for success and profitability in an ethical manner.

Offering easy-to-use, transformational tips & tools, the book showcases real-life situations and challenges faced by TMT Bar Dealerships and shows you how to overcome them using the 4Ps.
A result of intensive research, vast experience, and unquestionable expertise—it focuses on practical, actionable steps that you can use immediately and effectively.

Carrying forward the legacy of the legendary Rathi Group, India’s first and oldest manufacturer of TMT Bars. Brothers Gopal & Dhruv Rathi are 3rd generation entrepreneurs who joined the business after completing college in London.

As Directors of the Shri Rathi Group, chaired by Mr. Anil Rathi, the two have taken the group to new heights with product innovation and radical marketing strategies while maintaining quality and customer delight as their core driving values. Their passion, subject knowledge & hard work have led to them being recognized as experts in their domain.

Product Details

Book:4P Growth Framework: Guaranteed Science for 3x Consistent Growth in TMT Dealership

Author:Dhruv & Gopal Rathi


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:92


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:23-06-2023

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