Being a ”World Book Fair” Veteran(We have been actively participating in WBF for the last 14 years), I am privileged to learn some golden nuggets for my authors through the activities taking place in this Mega Event for Book Lovers. Not sharing this information will be like Intellectual Crime I think.

I am putting audio knowing that the time which could be convenient to talk to mutually, may not be the case each and every time. World Book Fair is a wonderful opportunity for the authors like you for one dominant reason, in addition to others. And that is, it is a great platform for Brand Building and increasing Credibility Quotient. When I came to know about credibility-enhancing activities taking place at World Book Fair, I suggested these to my authors. Few of them opted, and that in turn, proved to be of great help and benefit for all those.
I am sharing some of those activities that could be like givers of joy and happiness for you forever. Please listen to the audio and revert accordingly. Saying no to all these is quite simple. Just type 9 and that’s it.