This book is a sure-fire way to all business owners, regardless of their size of business. The book will help them know about Search Engine Optimization in totality and the hacks to improve their business performance through SEO. In addition to these, they will also come to know why SEO has not worked in their case, and how they can make this work for them optimally. The book does also reveal the myths about SEO and educate the readers about its miraculous results if put to use judiciously.

Abhishek Jain is a professional Blogger, Organic Digital-Marketing Specialist and a Keynote Speaker who has an expertise in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and helps you to bring your website on top of search engine result pages.

Abhishek is blogging from past 7 years on the topic of digital marketing at

He has been featured on Huffington Post, Apnic, BlogX spoken at platforms such as INGAF (Ministry of Finance), BlogX, & various other forums.

Abhishek and his enthusiastic organic digital marketing team is helping small and medium sized businesses from India and 6 other countries including USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, UK and Israel to grow their business via SEO. He is helping SMB’s to scale up their business with organic leads by building strong internet presence through the power of Search Engine Optimization without spending anything on ads.

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Book:Why SEO Fails You?: 7 Blunders Business Owners Make While Hiring an SEO Company

Author:Abhishek jain



Publisher:Pendown Press Powered by Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.66

Number of Pages:36



Publishing Year:2020

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