Asking the right questions is the way to success & prosperity!

With its 35 CRITICAL QUESTIONS (and, of course, the answers),
this book is a clear roadmap to setting up a successful dairy processing unit.

No one has ever shared such clear step-by-step inside guidance in this industry!

Specially intended for aspiring dairy entrepreneurs aiming to set up a milk processing plant and those already in the dairy business wishing to expand their facilities it is a dream come true.

This amazing book is divided into 7 Sections. In every section, the author shares 5 critical questions that a new investor should answer to create a successful milk processing plant.

It teaches you all you need to know so that you do not struggle and spend your time and energy on useless issues.

Once you flesh out the answers to these (7×5) 35 questions, nothing can stop you from setting up a super-successful milk processing plant.

An expert in Dairy Equipment Engineering, Amardeep Singh Chadha is the Director at Chadha Sales Pvt. Ltd. (Dairy Equipment Engineers). With his intensive knowledge, deep understanding, and extensive experience he is considered an ‘Expert in Dairy Entrepreneurship’ and has helped 250+ entrepreneurs set up & run profitable Mini Dairies globally.

Product Details

Book:Unravelling 7×5 Funda: For Setting – up a Milk Processing Plant

Author:Amardeep Singh Chadha


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:80


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:12 March 2023

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