This book offers comprehensive solutions to the myriad challenges faced by today’s toy retailers. Whether you grapple with managing a vast inventory, navigating the various functions of your business (such as sales, purchasing, and operations), struggling to train suitable personnel, or encountering difficulties in displaying all your products within limited space, this book is tailored specifically to meet your needs. Furthermore, it provides invaluable insights for those who find inventory management challenging, especially when the inventory sales ratio is exceedingly high, leading to increased capital requirements, and when stiff competition often impacts net profits negatively.

A retail marketing strategist, Harman Chhabra embarked on his venture in the toy industry two decades ago. Following his completion of a specialized course in toy-making molds from a prestigious Canadian university, he joined his father’s toy business. Fuelled by his profound fascination with a wide array of toys, Harman Chhabra forged collaborations with esteemed retailers and toy manufacturers worldwide, including First Cry, India’s largest retailer. Through these invaluable experiences, he nurtured his professional growth, gaining profound knowledge and insights.

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Book:The Art of Selling Toys

Author:Harman Chhabra

ISBN: 978-9355546470

Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:42


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:10 July 2023

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