The author of this book Mr Sanjay Kumar is a Real Estate Demand Generation Expert. Back in April, 2011, he started working as a part time Real Estate Agent for budgeted homes. By that time, he had already completed his 8 years working with three different MNCs in India & Abroad.

After leaving his job, he started his own real estate business. His business started flourishing at great pace and very soon he became able to make his presence felt far and wide. He has helped many Real Estate Agents to build their businesses and bring substantial changes in their life through his system and principles. He has personally closed more than 100 deals in one year and helped many agents to grow their business from just 2 deals in a month to 45 deals in just 6 months.
When it comes to learning and teaching about real estate, it is always in his priority list. This book is handy for real estate seasoned agents and for the people who want to start their real estate business.

This book sheds light on how to explode business and generate more leads and sales. Interestingly, the book does not talk about “How to Find Customers”. Rather, this book gives the way out to make one’s business desirable enough to make the customers hunt for the business. It does not talk about “how to influence customers in real estate”. In fact, it talks about “How to impress customers and make them chase for you”. The book, apart from being interactive, is also informative, innovative and inspirational. If you want to make your presence felt in Real Estate Business, this book is for you.

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Book:Stop Chasing Customers: A Guide to Real Estate Professionals

Author:Sanjay Kumar


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:32


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:15/10/2022

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