This book is a complete guide for all who aspire to be successful at F&O Trading. The content coming from vast experience in the industry is highly practical and applicable to the market. The content has been designed to focus on the fundamentals of Future & Option Trading, starting from the very basics.

It will teach you all the essentials, like Where does the data come from? Who creates the data? How should data be used for trade execution? What is Open Interest & how should it be analyzed from the perspective of buyers and sellers? And most importantly, this book will share in detail the psychology behind the data. With all this understanding, you will begin trading like a pro!

F&O Data Reading Expert, Options Trading Mentor, Trader, Author & Entrepreneur Gunjan Arora is the pioneer of Trading as a bonafide profession. Trained by the best in the industry globally by world-class professional traders and investment bankers from the US, London, Dubai & Frankfurt, he founded and is successfully running an academy for “Professional Traders.”

He has exemplary expertise in the field of data reading in F&O segments and a powerful understanding of time correction on charts.

He has trained more than 12000+ traders in his academy; out of those, 3200+ traders have been actively trading on their own and are consistently profitable.

has invented the MRSD Framework specifically designed for the Indian markets & has been training his students using charts & data together.

He has also been developing software for in-house purposes, serving multiple domains such as Data Reading, Trade Management Systems, Copy Trading & High-Frequency Trading.

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Book:Rich Options, Poor Options: Data Reading In (F&O) Is The Hidden Skill, Only Rich Traders use It, Learn Why 99% Loose Money And 1% Make Money In Option Buying

Author:Gunjan Arora


Binding:Perfect Binding

Publisher:Pendown Press

Number of Pages:89


Edition:First Edition

Publishing Year:14 June 2023

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